Work Flow – Service





In charge: Hostess, Supervisor
Answer the guests calls Professional behaviour on the phone Phone rings too long. “We-are-unfortunately-fully-booked” Syndrome.
Ask for name, date, time and number of guest
Inquire special requests Confirmation of the details Special requests were not recorded or forgotten
Confirm details to the guest
Plan and manage the reservation book or system Alternatives will be offered if needed
Consult with the restaurant manager
Forward special requests (menu and beverage wishes, flowers) to relevant departmet Assistance with special requests

Prior arrival of the guests

In charge: Runner
Clear the table completely – take everything off the table Being seated on a fully laid table Nobody takes care of the table and it stays dirty and unlaid
Clean table top with wet cloth and the correct chemicals
Lay the table full for the next guest

On arrival of the guests

In charge: Hostess, Supervisor
Acknowledge and greet guest within one minute of arrival Appropriate greeting Unfriendliness
Make eye contact and smile Reserved table is ready Table not ready
Offer assistance with coat Wardrobe is taken care of Not the right table
Ensure you refer to guest as sir/madam Ushered to the table Long waiting time
Use name and title where applicable Convenient location and size of table Being forgotten
Ask for reservation – if yes, act accordingly Being seated on a fully laid table Lack of communication
If no – ask guest for preferences Would like to know the name of the waiter
Escort the guests to the table within one minute
Seat guest on appropriate and fully laid table (refer to SOP)
If not possible, apologize, explain, how long will they wait
Offer alternative location
Promptly present menu
Present a clean menu in good condition
Inform guest of any out of stock dishes
Recommend chefs special

Offering a drink

In charge: Hostess, Waiter
Ask guest if they would like a drink/aperitif/beer A smiling waiter Guests are not asked for an aperitif
Point out special drinks Being greeted
Prompt or up-sell if possible Immediate drink offer
Ask guest if they would like some nibbles to start with
Inform waiter of any order taken

Presentation of the menu

In charge: Hostess, Waiter, Supervisor
Promptly present menu Get ready for the upcoming happening Dirty, incomplete or torn menu
Present a clean menu in good condition Immediate drink order Too long waiting times
Inform guest of any out of stock dishes Enough time for food selection
Recommend chefs special Explaination of the specials
Ask guest if they would like a drink/aperitif/beer
Point out “Drink of the Day” or homemade beer
Prompt or up-sell if possible
Suggest complimentary items during ordering process
Ask guest if they would like some snacks to start with
Inform waiter of any order taken
Put order into till
Notify the kitchen about pre set menus

Prior to order taking

In charge: Waiter, Runner
Serve drinks or aperitif if ordered Aperitif served promptly Long waiting time
Remove unnecessary equipment Fresh bread Bread not fresh
Serve bread, pretzels, spreads or nibbles Poor quality of spreads
Change ashtray Bad presentation

Order taking

In charge: Waiter, Supervisor
Make recommendations – explain food High level of technical knowledge Employees do not advise the guest, but teach them
Up sell – all the time Comply to special requests Guest is forced to rush
Take the food orders Service employees prove empathy regarding special needs (diet, time) Service staff have a negative attitude regarding special requests
Ultimately order check Order will be repeated Waiter leaves the table speechless
Ring the order Final confirmation if there is any order missing
Forward orders to the kitchen
Prepare table for food service – mise en place
Inform the chef about any special requests
Inform the guests about waiting times for special dishes

Beverage order

In charge: Waiter
Present the menu to the host Drinks are corresponding to the recommended food Make guest insecure by intrusive presentation
Make recommendations – explain beverages if needed Beer is served the “German way” – with a head of 3 fingers height of foam Inappropriate recommendations
Up sell – all the time Wine bottle is presented Wine has not been presented
Take the order of beverages Drinks are served with proper serving temperature and served correctly Glasses are filled too full or insufficient
Make all preparations for the wine and beverage service (correct glasses)
Perform rapid and proper wine and beverage service
Clear aperitif glasses

Food service

In charge: Waiter
Ensure completeness of order prior to service Guests of honour and women are given preferential treatment Cutlery is arrives too late
Serve food while respecting the general rules of service Excellent presentation of each dish Order is served incomplete
Up sell – ask for more bread, butter or any spreads orders No unnecessary interruptions while eating Order is mixed up
Ask for more beer or beverage orders Timely refills of drinks Guests are disturbed
Refill wine Asked about the satisfaction of our guests Guests of honour was not served first
Clear dirty dishes Eliminates occurring blemishes and provides a solution Waiter has to ask guests what they ordered
Change ashtray Guests get drinks themselves
Wish a pleasant meal Complaints are ignored
After 3 minutes check if everything is satisfactory

Clearing of the table

In charge: Waiter, Runner
If you see that the customer did not finish the plate, ask if it was not appealing, and report straight away to the manager on duty If main course takes a long time, inform the manager who will then check with the kitchen Table was not fully cleared food leftovers and bread crumbs are not brushed away
Clear all cutlery & plates at the same time Everything is cleared away and nothing left on the table
Always up-sell when feasible Not being asked for dessert
Ask for further drinks/beer

Offer dessert

In charge: Waiter, Runner
Present open dessert menus Being offered the daily specials – way of eating Waiter does not offer anything
Take dessert order Lear ning something about desserts No explanation why you are offering dessert
Up sell – ask for coffee Trying to drink coffee instead of tea Staff is not interested in feedback of the guests about their experience
Avoid bringing the coffee before the dessert Nobody is asking for digestive
On arrival of dessert, check to make sure everything has arrived correctly
Watch out for any additional requirements (ice cream, sauce…)
Ensure you come back at the table after 3 min and ask if everything is alright
Clear away coffee or tea cups when it is required
After dessert is finished clear all cutlery & dessert plates at the same time
Up sell – offer digestive Schnapps, Cognac, . . .
Remove all empty glasses, apart from one glass per guest on the table
Change ashtray

On payment

In charge: Waiter, Supervisor
When guest asks for the bill, check it and present the customer a clearly itemized and correct bill in a clean bill presenter with a business card, comment card, flyer . . . Every item on the bill Guest does not understand what he is being charged for
Get payment as quickly as possible and process Understandable language Incorrect invoice
Present for signing if credit card payment or return change as necessary There shall not be any mistakes on it Guest has been charged for items that he did not consumed
Keep an eye on the table for guest departure and assist as necessary (coast, pull tables…) Under no circumstances there shall be more items on the bill as the guests consumed
Thank them with a smile as it is the last impression they have of the restaurant and offer invitation to return Friendly regards when leaving

Upon departure of the guests

In charge: Runner
Clear the table completely – take everything off the table Being seated on a fully laid table Nobody takes care of the table and it stays dirty and unlaid
Clean table top with wet cloth and the correct chemicals
Lay the table full for the next guest
Work Flow – Service
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