General Information

Company details

All employees should be informed about the exact address, phone number, Internet homepage of BLUE PUDDING and e-mail contact address. The address and phone number of the corporate headquarter should as well be indicated here. Some companies also announce the details of the managing director and top managers. Consider how embarrassing could it be for an employee if a guest is asking for the name of his managing director and he must say: “I don’t know it”.

Company Details are important!!!

Remember: Address, Telephone, Internet, Email and so on . . .


  • List all addresses from the headquarter and branches
  • List all important internal and external telephone numbers
  • Sick line, Offices, Kitchens, Supplier, etc

Organisational Chart

It is vital to the business that every member of staff is aware of the organisational chart. This chart is simple and concise and gives a clear overview. Through it’s graphical structure it is easy to understand for each employee throughout the entire business.

In some companies you will find Organisational charts that states far more positions as in the very limited one you see on top. Sometimes you might find in the chart Store Room Management, F&B Finance Department, Human Resources, Recruitment Officers and occasionally Personal Assistants and Secretaries.

Human Resources

Equal opportunities for every employee!

Every company should be committed to employing only the best. Therefore, the recruitment procedure ought to be covered by an Equal Opportunities policy, which includes search, selection, conditions of employment and training.

Contact your Recruitment Officer to notify them of the vacancy plus details of the vacancy, qualities, and experience you require. Raise a requisition form. All vacancies are given to General Manager for approval and Human Resources informed.

HR, Recruitment and the relevant Manager who will prioritise the positions to be filled, discusses this “Vacancy List”.

Your Recruitment Officer may contact you to get further details of the vacancy and the job specification. This is your opportunity to influence the Recruitment Process and you should give as much information as possible (e.g. any special constraints, requirements)

Recruitment may send various candidates for you to interview. When you meet candidates ensure you know the job and its expectations. Do not suggest or make promises you cannot keep just to get staff, portray the job as accurately as you can. It is important that the candidate is shown around the Outlets and introduced to staff members.

Do not offer the position to any candidate. If you wish to hire someone, inform Recruitment who will make the offer of employment on your behalf.

You will receive a copy of the offer of employment slip that will show the individual’s start date, It is important that each new starter is properly welcomed and oriented into the department

New starters should receive a welcome pack and assigned a department trainer.

Employment agencies and executive search firms will only be engaged in exceptional circumstances. These will mainly be in areas that require a high level of technical competence or when the position requires special capabilities.

Ethics in business

It is fundamental to BLUE PUDDING’s Philosophy that good ethics and good business are synonymous when viewed from moral, legal, and practical standpoints. The trust and respect of all people – customers, suppliers, competitors, the general public and not least, our colleagues, – are assets that cannot be purchased, they must be earned. This is why all business must be conducted according to the highest ethical standards.

Internally, we must adhere to the elements that provide the framework for a pleasant working environment, namely kindness, courtesy, and integrity. We must demonstrate respect of all colleagues and associates regardless of their sex, age, creed, racial background, or status in the organisation. BLUE

PUDDING is committed to being an equal opportunity employer.

The reputation for integrity of BLUE PUDDING is a priceless asset and the policy should be designed to protect this asset.

Violation of this policy may lead to disciplinary action, including dismissal, depending on the gravity of the offence. Civil damages, fines, imprisonment, or other penalties may result from violations of laws relevant to the policy.

Working and Opening Hours

You will find the hours of work and the restaurant opening hours in the appropriate attachment to your outlet. Opening and closing times may vary in accordance with operational requirements.

As there are Christmas and Easter, New Years Eve and sporadic or frequent events, when restaurant stays open for longer hours.

Rota Days

If you need a certain day off ask in advance in writing. The due date is Wednesday by 3.00pm; all requests will be done on a first come basis. Remember nothing can be promised; however we will do our best to meet to all requests depending on business demands.


The breaks vary from day to day, depending on the times of starting, daily duties, level of business, and amount of staff available. You are requested not to visit other outlets during your breaks. The staff restaurant is located on the on the ground floor. Smoking and non-smoking rest areas are situated next to it.

The management determines the staff’s breaks in order to organise the day as well as possible for everybody. For this reason, when asked by your manager, you must hand over your tasks immediately, and go to the staff restaurant or rest areas. Your manager and your colleagues expect you to take 50 minutes break for either lunch or dinner.


In case of sickness you are required to call work one hour before the time you are due to start on the number listed, letting us know that you are unable to attend and why. A doctor’s certificate is required for illness more than five working days. You have to call back before closing the same day to let your management know if you will be coming the following day in order for us to plan ahead and avoid staff shortage.


Normally the holiday year runs from 1st of January to 31st of December every year and entitles permanent members of staff to specific amount of day’s holidays if you work the full year. All holidays must be booked in advance together with your manager. If you require holidays form has to be filled out and be signed by your manager or a senior manager before authorised.

Personal hygiene, grooming standards and excellent posture is without saying.