Job Specification

Specification for a Manager as an example

  • Provide efficient service to all internal and external customers in accordance to Blue Pudding Service standards.
  • To assess and monitor staff, to ensure that their jobs are carried out in an effective manner, ensure that they are coached on their performance.
  • To track down the necessary training for staff to ensure they are able to carry out their job effectively, safely, and legally.
  • Constantly review procedures and systems in order to improve departmental performance and support the implementation of new systems.
  • Carry out administrational and personnel functions.
  • Organise and oversee daily staff workload and priorities.
  • Ensure all Health and Safety policies and procedures are strictly adhered to.
  • Implement Company and Departmental policies and ensure that very high standard of housekeeping is maintained in all areas.
  • To carry out all tasks delegated by the line manager.
  • To ensure the smooth running of an outlet, in accordance with the company set standards for customer care.
  • The safekeeping and maintenance of all equipment, crockery, cutlery, and linen.
  • To adhere strictly to all licensing laws.
  • Keep records of revenues, expenses, and payroll cost.
  • Be capable of fully ordering through the Ordering System to assure operational continuity.
  • Review menus in consultation with Head Chef in accordance with customer wishes and seasonal market fluctuations.
  • Successfully to arrange a new menu change, including change of signage and liaison for all Till, Ordering and Inventory System issues.
  • Be an active controller and liaison with the Cleaning Department to assure the highest level of cleaning of the restaurant and kitchens.
  • Ensure that our customer service standards are maintained and that our Mystery Client reports reflect the targeted goals of a minimum 80 percent.
  • Be a role model in demonstrating a good working relationship between the front and back of house.
  • Control the queue during busy periods and demonstrate the abilities of a great host in keeping customers happy and satisfied whilst waiting to be seated.
  • Improve your administrative duties, especially in keeping track of staff-sickness, absence or wrongful behaviour and personnel functions.
  • Use your experience in the solution of problems and to impart this knowledge to your sub-ordinates.
  • To ensure the efficient utilisation of all available material and human resources in order to achieve the agreed sales revenues and to operating expenses.
  • The calculation and safekeeping of department taking and any other reasonable tasks that may be assigned by a supervisor.
  • Staff welfare, performance evaluation, and counselling.
  • All complaints should be compensated for by increased satisfaction from Mystery Client results.
  • Brief handover notes are essential tools of communication between days off or holidays and must be carried out.
Job Specification
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