Personal Development – Working with people


Working with people


Low Standard

Meet Standard

Exceed Standard


The ability to communicate ideas and facts honestly, clearly and persuasively


Gives inaccurate, inappropriate or ambiguous messages in an uninteresting way Can convey bad news as well as good, admit to mistakes or ignorance Make the audience feel valued
Ducks unwelcome messages Responds to and accepts challenge constructively and honestly Links message to other business objectives
Cynically alters messages for the audience Speaks his/her mind in a positive manner Shows a belief in the message, by communicating with passion
Takes a dismissive or dictatorial approach Listens to others and evaluates and/or incorporates their views Wins hearts and minds
Utilises a range of communication styles and tailors it to the audience Able to put forward a clear and convincing argument so that people adopt the point of view and/or gains commitment to action
Can select and use appropriate media

The ability to build productive relationships with colleagues both internally and externally


Works in a “silo” and doesn’t identify others needs/requirements Shares the company’s vision and goals and any other knowledge Aims for win-win solution
Works to a hidden agenda Defines success criteria and rewards results Proactively develops partnerships
Doesn’t put in place any contracts of rules of engagement Identifies others requirements and needs and understands the implications of actions on others Shares risks and opportunities with suppliers
Happy with win/lose or just play Keeps in regular contact with colleagues and suppliers Actively works to ensure a positive outcome for all involved
Takes an I’m alright Jack approach to relationships Listens openly, and gives specific honest feedback Achieves win-win solution

The ability to work effectively in teams


Promotes self interest ahead of team goals Understands team dynamics, and utilises each team member’s specific strengths Contributes to development of other team members
Talks across others and shows a lack of respect for them Identifies necessary resources for the team to do the task Develops the skills of the team members
Does not meet time scales and deadlines Participates fully in the team and/or encourages every member of the team to do the task Helps the team change direction confidently
Fails to take the time to let team members know what she/he is doing Communicates actions to team members Runs self managed teams
Defines or checks understanding of team goals and gets agreement to them Creates fun within the working team environment Works without need for reassurance
Listens and takes views from every team member, seeking advice and support when necessary Rewards and celebrates team achievements