The procedure

Sometimes, even when we do our job well, our customers may not be happy with the service we provide. This is our opportunity to turn negative feelings about BLUE PUDDING into positive; by the way, we acknowledge and deal with our disappointed customers.

It is very tempting to draw up a long list of rules about how to deal with our unhappy customers. We are going to discuss some basic guidelines, but we do not want you to become with the rules and fail to concentrate on what is really important.

Often customers are not particularly impressed when employees follow a list of rules, because they can tell:

  • when the smile is a fake
  • the employee is mouthing the right word, but isn’t interested at all
  • the questions are “canned” and impersonal
  • the “thank you, please come back” is not authentic

The truth is – excellent customer service rarely comes from following a rigid list of rules about what to do or say.

Remember what really counts is:

  • Personalised attention – being treated like an individual with very personal needs.
  • Positive behaviour – respect, consideration, concern, appreciation.
  • Being understood – their feelings, their point of view, and the facts of the situation.
  • Helpfulness – results

Always do your best and use your own initiative to resolve the situation. Your manager will always be there to help and guide you if you don’t feel comfortable enough to deal with it yourself. We are all working as a team to fulfil our customers needs.

Avoid saying:

I can’t

It’s not my department

I don’t know

We can’t do that

You’ll have to


If you want to avoid potential stress for you and those you are dealing with, consider these three little suggestions when you think you are going to encounter a stressful conversation.

Begin with agreement / say “and” instead of “but” / use “I” statements


Waiting staff is:



Apologise sincerely

Remove offending item

Tell duty manager immediately

Managers are:

How may I help

Allow telling the story & apologising

Put it right

Prevent it happening again

Your actions will save the day

Example Apologize Letters

Dear [Name],


Thank you for taking the trouble of writing to me regarding the poor service you experienced on your recent visit to the BLUE PUDDING Restaurant last week.

As you rightly express, the complaint you have concerns basic customer service standards, product knowledge and courtesy, all of which you should be able to expect from BLUE PUDDING Restaurants.

I have spoken to the Manager concerned to ensure there is no repeat of this unfortunate incident.

I sincerely apologise for the experience you had in our Restaurant and hope you will accept the offer of [compensation] I assure you the offer is a genuine attempt at renewing your faith in BLUE PUDDING.

Thank you again for bringing this situation to my attention.

Yours sincerely

Dear Mr. [Name],

Dear Mrs. [Name],

Thank you for your comments regarding your recent visit to the BLUE PUDDING.

I was very sorry to hear that you were not pleased with the quality of the food that you ordered and would like my sincere apologies.

At BLUE PUDDING, we provide ourselves on offering all our customers the highest standard of service and quality of products, and we are therefore always appreciative of our customer’s feedback. Please be assured that your comments have been brought to the attention of the Restaurant Manger, and the Executive Chef who will be reviewing the quality of these items and customer opinion to ensure that this remains an isolated matter.

As a gesture of goodwill and by way of an apology, I hope you will accept my offer of Complimentary “High Tea” for two in the BLUE PUDDING on your next visit. Kindly present this letter valid for 6 month to the Restaurant Manager on your arrival who will gladly accept it in lieu of payment. If I can be on any further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me directly on [Telephone number].

I am looking forward to welcoming you back to BLUE PUDDING in the near future.

Yours sincerely



Dear Mr. [Name],

Dear Mrs. [Name],

Thank you for your comments regarding your recent visit to BLUE PUDDING, which has been forwarded to me for investigation and reply.

Naturally, I am most concerned that you found your visit on this occasion less than enjoyable. Our food is of the finest quality and produced fresh on the premises every day. I would like to inform you that the members of staff have been spoken to and that we have taken the appropriate steps to ensure such incidents do not occur in the future. I would like to offer my sincere apologies for the disappointment caused.

At BLUE PUDDING, we pride ourselves on our high standards of food quality and customer service. All our Restaurants endeavour to accommodate the needs of our clientele and we are therefore most appreciative of our customer feedback.

During busy periods when we have customers waiting for a long period, we ask the customers if they would not mind being seated with another guest or separated from their friends to avoid long waiting periods. Unfortunately on this occasion, this was not met. Please accept my sincere apologies for this incident.

I do hope that this incident will not deter you from visiting BLUE PUDDING Restaurants in the future. Since I would welcome the opportunity to restore your faith in the high standards for which we are renowned and as a gesture of goodwill, please accept Complimentary coffee and Danish in BLUE PUDDING for two. This is valid for six month. If you would kindly present this letter to the Restaurant Manager, who shall be more than pleased to accept it in lieu of payment.

Once again please accept our sincere apologies for the disappointment caused.

Yours sincerely