If you don’t know the reason plum,

why did you come,

to Elysium –

we will give you one!


If you’re ill or sick,

a Single Malt would do the trick.


From yesterday you still not sober,

kind of hanging over,


take your time don’t hurry,

have a Virgin Bloody Mary.


Is bothering you a query,

order simply a Daiquiri.


If your girlfriend made your day,

because she ran away,


another one she’s choosen.

Drink a Margarita – frozen.


If, for you, it comes in handy,

Have a glass of Brandy.


Your boss is such a sod,

Just take a double shot.


What a fucking day indeed,

desperate a drink you need,


don’t wait, don’t hesitate,

a special drink – we will create.


Not feeling well in your tum-

if you are missing some’-

trouble with your mum-

you add it up to a total sum-

surrounded by too many scum-

before insane you become-

sit on your bum,

have a rum,

at Elysium!