Personal Development – Leadership



Low Standard

Meet Standard

Exceed Standard


The ability to translate the vision into the team


Is unable to set a plan that is consistent with the vision, or set a plan that is inconsistent with the vision Sets and reviews a plan (including goals and milestones) to reflect the vision for their team Involves the team in developing the plan based on the vision
Does not communicate to team members how the vision affects them Gives a clear understandable explanation of the vision Able to enthuse the team – shapes heats and minds
Doesn’t set milestone or meet them, or review progress towards the vision any way Makes the vision relevant to each team member and checks individual understanding Relates all actions back to vision
Demonstrates an apathy towards the vision Understands the capabilities and abilities of the team in achieving the vision Establishes stretching goals to achieve the vision, working to extended time horizons


The ability to communicate the vision in a way that generates excitement, enthusiasm and commitment


Gives a dull formulaic presentation of the vision, or communicates it in a way that makes it not believable Is passionate about vision to others and illustrates personal commitment to it "walks the talk" Ensures that each member of the team understands his/her part in achieving the vision
Doesn’t demonstrates the values Makes achieving the vision fun Reinforces the vision in all communication
Moves the goal posts often Translates specific chunks of the vision into understandable relevant steps and celebrates milestones when achieved Facilitates the team to achieve the vision, by steering from behind
Is inconsistent and nit-picking Communicates the vision in a simple and focused way, using a variety of methods Pushes the boundaries of the vision publicly, and refuses to accept any obstacles to achieving it


The ability to manage, develop and enable individuals on a day-to-day basis


Is unable to delegate effectively, always adopts a "telling" style Identifies level of risk/freedom an individual is capable of taking on Takes measured risks on people, champions personal learning and allows
Takes credits for others work Carries out on the job coaching and mentoring, giving direct, honest and specific feedback when required Always recognises strong performance
Is emote from the team Publicly supports the team Takes opportunities to lead others outside their normal role e.g. taking on facilitation opportunities
Is inconsistent in terms of support favours some individuals Communicates regularly with the team and is accessible to them Encourage positive challenge
Creates a lame culture and is publicly critical of people Takes the though decisions on poor performers

Fosters an environment that enables new ideas to be generated