Personal Development – Implementation



Low Standard

Meet Standard

Exceed Standard


The ability to translate strategies to practical day-to-day activities


Uses tactics which are inconsistent with long term goals Understands the strategy and develops and implements tactics consistent with it Develops enhanced strategic plans and ideas to push upwards
Doesn’t think through the practical aspects of plans-misses steps Knows what not to do Can think on multi-levels i.e. talk strategy to senior managers and tactical to team members
Can not prioritise Adopts structured problem solving approach, and breaks actions down into manageable chunks Can interpret grey areas into action that meets the spirit of the strategy
Anticipates potential risks to the strategy Allocates budgets, resources, administration effectively Demonstrates a clear understanding of what the strategy is trying to achieve.


The ability to run and maintain existing systems


Fails to monitor the performance of systems Demonstrates a thorough understanding of the processes Can explain how processes affect wider business activity
Ignores the fact the current systems/processes are failing Has good numeric skills Designs and implements a contingency plans to ensure continuit
Re-invents the wheel without adding any value Responds promptly to problems with the processes to maximise efficiency Achieves quantum leap improvements looks for and achieves faster, better, lower cost
Consistently fails to understand how to operate the system Analyses patterns in customer requirements in order to anticipate future needs Injects a degree of challenge to encourage improvement
Misses deadlines on current systems and processes Proactively meets these future needs  


The ability to set and monitor thorough and detailed plans to meet agreed deadlines effectively


Over promises and under delivers Monitors progress and results using appropriate systems/reports Develops systems which add value to monitoring tasks
Sets too ambitious targets or fails to define goals at all Doesn’t give up at obstacles, but sees a way around them Delivers ahead of deadlines
Does not update plans. Makes errors of planning by missing key details Works out exactly what will happen when sets a plan that is consistent with goals and checks that all understand it Identifies potential "land mines" and plans around them
Regularly misses deadlines Sets plans which are challenging but achievable and gets buy in to them Provides incentives to exceed goals


The ability to identify and manage the best resources and to execute project plans successfully


Uses a sledgehammer to crack a nut applies wrong or insufficient resources to a project Uses existing resources effectively in order to hit target plans Draws on external/internal resources to creatively resolve issues
Has no relationship with or understanding of the resources available Knows the strengths of project team Consistently beats target
Doesn’t recognise or signal that she/he is running on too thin team Builds cross functional relationships and partnerships with agencies and suppliers Creates smart ways of getting things done
Misjudges when to use people on certain tasks and/or which people to use Achieves challenging projects within time scales to budget with a motivated team Champions best practice from whatever source
Understands resource requirement to meet plan Pushes back unnecessary work and allows focus on the main issues Alters milestones to fit changed priorities
Shows a clear understanding of resources available Gains senior commitment to project priority Finds creative solutions to stretch limited resources and rings out the extra 5 % in people