PhiloDex Consult

. . . is a management consulting firm
with high professional expertise in hospitality and restaurant services.

Since years PhiloDex Consult works together with Austrian and international hospitality companies and other lines of businesses.

The company has been established to to assist and support firms within the hospitality and restaurant business in order to enhance their performance and achieve future success.
PhiloDex Consult - Unternehmensberatung für die Gastronomie
The success of my clients is built on custom insight and open collaboration, as well as on numbers, figures and analyses. And when I implement solutions together with my clients, I stand up to the test of real-world competition.

“I have very simple taste, I am always satisfied with the best.”
(Unquote, Oscar Fingal O´Flahertie Wills Wild)

Certified Management Consultant at the chamber of commerce

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PhiloDex Consult
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