You are looking for

… support or companionship because you face the following challenges:

  • being new in the business and take your first steps
  • want to establish a start-up
  • a pre-opening, opening or reopening
  • want to do a reengineering
  • to better control your company figures
  • calculations of goods and running costs
  • optimize or implement workflows
  • HACCP regulations must be complied with
  • create new or redesign existing food or drink menus
  • want to optimize the POS system
  • Automate merchandise management and inventories
  • ….. for further information click here

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When staff training is needed:

Kong Fu Zi teaches us …


People have incredible potential. The only real task of a trainer or coach is to wake up and support this potential, so that new know how and knowledge can be trained and utilised successfully.

  • Learn everthing there is about necessary or new tools in a class room.
  • Afterwords the theoretical knowledge will be implemented into the daily work environment, errors will be spoted and corrected immediately, repeatedly. Strengths and weaknesses are clearly shown. The new tools can be adapted individually.
  • Clear defined goals are achieved with these new tools and ensure high affinity.
  • Motivation is the engine. Participants will learn: This is not just theory, it really does work, I will remember that! That means the highest motivation by immediate measurements of success (e.g. increase of the turn over through upselling).

“Learn tirelessly – Teach enthusiastically”
(Zitat Ende, Confucius)


In order to create an efficient workflow:

Teacher “Lämpl” teaches us …

What exactly is coaching?

laempel-101Coaching is helping to identify the skills and capabilities that are within the person, and enabling them to use them to the best of their ability – and by that increasing the independence within the individual, and reducing reliance

It is not supposed to be mixed up with:

  • Managing is making sure people do what they know how to do
  • Training is teaching people to do what they don’t know how to do
  • Mentoring is showing people how the people who are really good at doing something do it

„Man hilft den Menschen nicht, wenn man etwas für sie tut, was sie selbst tun könnten“
(Zitat Ende, Abraham Lincoln)


Individual or specialist (product) knowledge must be gained:

Training und Workshops …

Trainings and workshops are only useful when something is beeing “conveyed” and a positive behavioral change can be achieved. Not the seminar time is crucial, but the effect. The sustainable learning success is based on my multiple transfer backup.

  • Agreement of objectives befor the training secession
  • Convenient atmosphere without fear
  • At the beginning I try to find out the level of knowledge of the attendees
  • Special requirements will be accounted for and integrated
  • Change in methods to enhance the attention
  • No foreign phrases are practiced but their own will be developed
  • Exercises do not have fictional contents but will be examples from their own daily practice
  • Group work, role playing, repetition of the seminar-end
  • “Mini test” with questionnaire
  • Feedback with statements about the potential for change
  • Checklists for the day to day business, seminar documentation



Ask for our all inclusive packages!

Special offers for Websites of simple method idividually designed!

Ask for my package offer!


Your Homepage as excellent business card of your company!

Home + any number of sub-links to individual pages + administration tool, so you can write in and design your own content and change images yourself.

Provider offer: Domain registration incl fees and expenses, webspace with unlimited space, 20 email addresses, MySql-DB, Apache Server, php technology – price on request.

For your outstanding website

The price for your special webpages with mailling system, picture gallery, newsletter application, language versions, event preview … and many more features can only be estimated and fixed after a personal conversation.

Fast, professional and individual…

A professional Website is the first step to win new guests.

More than 80% of the internet users inform themselves on the internet about you befor the visit your restaurant or pub!


A website is a matter of trust. The “cheap” website from a “good friend” can very quickly become very expensive if it is created unprofessional and you will lose guests before they even enter your premises.

  • Individually adapted to your needs
  • Individually adapted to your corporate identity
  • Pictures gallery
  • Language versions (multilanguage websites)
  • Forms, Shop
  • Substantial statistics
  • Write your menu directly into your website
  • Archiv for your chefs special, menus, . . .
  • Email addresses
  • Internetmarketing
  • Entries in Search engines

IT and electronic data processing should not remain as a strange univers for you. I will actively assist and help you in all areas relevant for your business.


Having your own website is one of the most important tools in order to be found by your guests.

Here at PhiloDex, you get everything from one source:

  • Web concept
  • Homepage design
  • Layout
  • Graphic design
  • Rearrangements
  • eMarketing
  • eCommerce
  • Webshop
  • CI and Logo development

Graphics of all kinds!

As a specialist of hospitalty we have long years of experience and the necessary Know How in order to create your tailor made graphics.

Wheater shiny, matt, colour or black/white – dress up your business!

Grafik und Design

For your menu, drinks menu, bar menu, cigar menu, business cards, coasters or a new innovative, stylish and creative company logo embeded into your impressive web presence – from me you get tailor made design work!

  • Business cards, address sticker
  • Posters, labels
  • Folders, flyers, leporellos,
  • Coasters, post cards
  • Menus
  • Calender, displays . . .





Attractive Web-to-Print and Print-on-Demand offers.

Business cards, address sticker, posters, labels, folders, flyers, leporellos, coasters, post cards, menus, calender, displays Klappkarten . . . and a lot more!
Grafik und Design