SOP Training – Waiter



We are delighted to welcome you to RESTAURANT BRÄUHAUS in China and hope that your association with us will be a long, happy and progressive one. It always takes a little time to settle into a new company and its ways of working. So this SOP is designed to help you do both, quickly and easily.

This SOP is for your personal use and is full of important information about RESTAURANT BRÄUHAUS and about your employment with us. Please read it carefully as it contains further details of Company’s policies relating to your employment, and amplify the conditions already stated in your contract of employment.

You will also find other general information in the SOP, as we believe it is important that you begin to feel an active and informed member of the team from the day you join us. This leaflet should answer most questions you may have but always feel free to raise any queries to your Manager.

The quality of customer service we provide to our guests will become one of the most important factors in the success of RESTAURANT BRÄUHAUS – it is what sets our restaurant apart from others. As one of our employees, you are an important part of a team as well as one of our greatest assets and factor of the unique difference that is the service we provide to all our customers.

We hope your time with us will be both prosperously and honourable!

About – (Example)

Who we are

RESTAURANT BRÄUHAUS follows the lively, Munich brewery with genuine Bavarian traditional qualities of beer, the founder of the Oktoberfest Beer, and pass on the life style to the people in the whole world.

How we are

Like Bavarian with a twinkle in our eye, active, dynamic, laid-back, confident, honest, down-to-earth.

How we appear

Offering our onsite brewed Munich beer, and young, stylish and modern food as well as traditional Bavarian, we convey the “Himmel der Bayern” (Heaven for Bavarians), into the world.

What we offer

The good “Bavarian” quality of beer with a particularly good taste, provides the true enjoyment of beer. Onsite brewed according to the recipe from the our own brewery which has significantly shaped the art of brewing.

About our Restaurant  Bräuhaus

  • As it is stated in the name we brew our own beer on site. This means we house a micro brewery in our restaurant. This is a completely equipped an fully functional brewery where we produce the our Bräuhaus  beer.
  • We have a kitchen a dishwashing area, locker rooms, offices, storage tanks for beer and everything we need for the smooth running of the operation at our disposal.
  • You can locate all these areas on the plan overleaf.
  • We can seat 347 guests on 92 tables and approximately another 20 to 30 guests or even more can stand at the bar in our restaurant.
  • There is a stage in the restaurant where live music is played every day after 20:00 o clock. The time before we will play background music from our sound system.

Go through our Restaurant Bräuhaus Presentation

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6 Days training schedule

This is the summary of of the training schedule for the next six day

Day 1 – Know your job environment
Day 2 – About your position
Day 3 – Job requirements
Day 4 – Environment and menu
Day 5 – Product knowledge, Customer service
Day 6 – Examination

If you have questions, ask your trainer. If customer asks something you don’t know, tell them you are new here.

If you want to leave your post, for example, go to the bathroom, you must ask for permission from your supervisor.

International names

As we are an international acting company we expect guests from all over the world. It is a gesture of customer service to make it easier for them to address you. Hence, all of us will need to have an English or an, for locals pronounceable name.

If you do not have an English name you will be asked to choose one of the below.


Betty, Brigitte, Sandy, Zoe, Randy, Suzanne, Christine, Molly, Liza, Cindy, Paula, Charlotte, Sally, Julia, Monica, Debby, Sara, Jessica, Emily, Lily, Mia, Sophie, Isabella, Ruby, Poppy, Grace, Sophia, Isabelle


Georg, Ben, John, Phil, Harry, William, Billy, Bobby, Dick, Eugene, Jake, Sam, Ricky, Charlie, Simon, Andy, Lewis, Eddy, Chris, Simon, Oliver, Jacob, Thomas, Riley, James, Joshua, Ethan, Noah,