SOP Training – Waiter – Day 2

Day 2

About your position

  • Review of what we learned on day 1
  • How to deal with guests,
  • Customer needs

On Day 2 you will learn:

  • Recommended personnel equipment
  • Language
  • Working equipment
  • Incidents and accidents
  • About your job requirements

Recommended equipment

Service cloth, cork screw with knife, matches, writing materials, ordering pads. It is advisable that you keep the following in your locker: sewing kit, stain remover, shaving kit, shoe polish, second uniform, deodorant, specialised literature.


The first language of Restaurant Bräuhaus is the language of the country and must be spoken at all times in front of customers. Pronunciation must be as clear as possible, and you should always maintain eye contact during conversation.

The second and internal company language is English. Knowledge of German is an advantage.


A smile is defined as an expression of the face with the corners of the mouth turned up, showing happiness, pleasure, etc… At the time of writing this, I am trying to express happiness without smiling. I was expecting my eyes at least to glisten or my hair to stand on end, to relay the smile. A smile comes naturally as long as you are happy, happy to see the customer or your guests. You cannot truly smile if you are not happy, and using make up is always noticeable. If you truly smile your guest may say “Hello” before you can open your mouth. This is because the guest trusts you, therefore you may use “Hello” or any warm expression: “Nice to see you, how are you today?”






Restaurant Bräuhaus beer glasses



Weisse                                 Lager                                   Lager                                   Lager                            Lager
„Spitzingsee”                  “Glass mug”                   “Donauseidl”                  “Stone mug”               with lid

0,5L                                        1,0L                                      0,5L                                       1,0L                                0,5L



Standard glasses

Long Drink           Tumbler               Water           Shot                 Champagne       Wine                   Capirinha



Long stemmed spoon
Tea spoon



Main course                          Set plate                                  Pizza                                          Snacks/Main


Snacks/Starters, Desserts                                Salads/Soups                      Dips                          Dips/Spreads


Bayrisch Krem              Coffee/Tea                            Espresso                .




Table set up



Back of house

The definition of back of house is the area where the restaurant staff meets the kitchen staff. The border being the kitchen units where the chefs place any orders waiting to be taken into the restaurant. It will be the responsibility of the Manager to make sure that this area is left clean and tidy. All breadbaskets should be emptied and stacked neatly. Any dirty restaurant plates taken to the dishwashing area. All surfaces have to be cleaned on a daily basis. They have to be wiped down and left clean after the closing of the restaurant.

Incidents – Accidents

The procedure

We have already mentioned that the social skills of the food and beverage service team are most important in their dealings with the guest, that is customer contact. It is the way each and every member of the team copes with the day to day incidents which may arise and for which there is really no stereotyped answer, each incident being settled in a way best suited to the situation. The staff, if they are carrying out their job correctly, are there to meet and satisfy the demands of the customer. When an unforeseen incident arises it must be coped with promptly and efficiently without causing any more disturbance that is necessary to any of the other guests. Quick action will very often soothe the angry guest and ensure a return visit to your establishment. It is worth remembering at this stage that in a case of complaint, whatever their nature, it should be reported immediately to the supervisor or someone in a responsible position. A delay only causes confusion and is very often wrong interoperated if left to be dealt with later. In the case of accidents, whether of a minor nature or serious, a report of the incident must be kept and signed by those involved.
Listed below are a few of those incidents which might occur and the suggested steps that should be taken in order to put right any fault.

It is possible that during the service you spill some sauce or gravy on the table

Check immediately that nothing dripped onto the guest. Apologise to the guest.

If you dropped something on the guest’s cloth allow the guest to rub over the dirtied area with a clean damp cloth. This will remove the worst of the spillage.

If it is necessary for the guest to retire to the cloakroom to remove the spillage then the meal should be placed under the heating bridge in the kitchen until he or she returns.

Depending on the nature of the spillage the Restaurant Bräuhaus may offer to have the garment cleaned. Always check with your supervisor or manager before you offer dry cleaning.

Check the table for any spillage and clean it with the appropriate cloth or rug away. Any items of equipment removed should be returned to their correct position on the table top.

Any meals taken to the heating bridge should be returned and fresh cutlery provided. Again apologise to guests for the inconvenience you have caused.

A glass of water knocked over accidentally by a guest

Ensure that no guest has been spilled.

If some of the water has dropped on the guest’s clothing then follow the same procedure as above.

Clear away all diluted items and clean the table with a clean absorbent cloth.

Reorder the spilled dishes in the kitchen by posting it in the till as special order and inform your supervisor about the incident.

A guest claims that the served dish is “off”

Apologise to guest and inform him that you will bring the dish back to the kitchen.

Take the dish and bring it instantaneously in the kitchen and inform the chef in charge about the guests claim.

Inform your supervisor immediately thereafter.

Apologise to the guest if this has not been done by the supervisor yet. Offer the menu to guest and ask if he or she would like another portion of the same dish or choose something else as an alternative.

Write out a special check for the new order. This shows the dish being returned and what the guest is having instead.

Collect the new dish as soon as possible from the kitchen and serve it to the guest

Apologise again.

It is the responsibility of the chef in charge to decide if the dish will have to be taken off the menu.

The manager or the supervisor of Restaurant Bräuhaus will state as of whether the guest will be charged for the alternative dish.

A waiter/ress finds a guest wallet under a chair

Check immediately whether the guest left Restaurant Bräuhaus. If he/she is still in the area the wallet may be returned to him/her.

If he/she left the restaurant area the waiter/ress should hand the wallet to the supervisor in charge.

The supervisor can check with reception of Jinling to see if the guest is staying in the hotel.

If the guest concerned is a resident, then reception may ring his/her room, stating the wallet has been found and can be collected at a convenient time.

If the guest was a regular customer then it is possible that the waiter know where to contact him/her to call for the wallet.

If the guest is a regular customer but cannot be contacted then the wallet will be kept in the office until the customer’s next visit.

If the owner has not been found or contacted immediately then the supervisor must list the items contained in the wallet with the waiter/ress who found the wallet. This list will be signed by both the supervisor and the finder. The list must be dated and also show where the wallet was found, and the time.

A copy of this list goes with the wallet to the office where the contents of the wallet are checked against the list before accepting it. The details of the find are then entered in a Lost Property Register.

Before the office hand back any lost property they should ask for a description of the find and its contents to ensure as far as possible that it is being returned to the genuine owner. The office should also see proof of identity of the person who claims ownership.

In the case of found property the above mentioned steps should be carried out as quickly as possible as this is the best interest of Restaurant Bräuhaus and causes the guest minimum inconvenience. On receipt of found property the guest should be asked to sign for the received item and also give his or her address.

Any lost property unclaimed after a specific amount of time may become the property of the finder who would claim it through the Management.

A guest falls ill in our restaurant

As soon as it is noticed that a guest is feeling unwell while in our restaurant a person in charge as well as a first aider shall be called immediately.

The person in charge or first aider must enquire if the guest needs assistance or medical help. At the same time he/she must try to judge whether the illness is of a serious nature.

It is often advisable in such cases to take the guest to another room to see if they are able to recover in a few minutes.

If this happens their meal will be placed under the heating bridge in the kitchen until the guest returns.

If the illness appears to be of a serious nature, an ambulance will have to be called.

Although this a difficult situation to deal with in front of the general public a minimum of fuss shall be created, and the service of to the restaurant remains in the usual operational way.

If the ill guest is a woman then a female member of staff should attend her.

It is of great important that all accidents, minor or serious are kept on record. This is for future reference and the case that the guest wants to press charges against Restaurant Bräuhaus at a later date.

If the guest recovers and returns to the table and wants to continue with the meal, then a fresh cover will be laid and the meal returned from the heating bridge.

If a guest is suspected of being drunk

If a guest asks for a table and the member of staff believes the guest is possibly under the influence of alcohol the staff member may refuse a table, even though there may be one available.

It is not always possible to recognise and a guest may become unpleasant after being seated.

When it is impossible to handle a person inform your supervisor, who then will deal with the guest.

If there is the necessity to remove the person from the restaurant you will have to ask for security.

Ask your supervisor to speak with an allegedly drunk person first in order to judge if the guest can be served or.

The guest will then be asked to leave rather than let them become obnoxious to other guests later on.

If the guest has already consumed part of the meal but is not being obnoxious then the remainder of the meal will be served, but the supervisor must ensure no more alcoholic beverages are offered.

After the guest finishes his stay it is advisable to observe the guest while leaving the premises

It is always advisable to wirte a report of such an incident, and be brought to the attention of the restaurant manager for future reference.

A customer’s appearance in not satisfactory

If a guest’s appearance is likely to be offensive to others then they may not be seated.
A report of this incident must be made and signed by the staff member.

It is advisable

…to write a report when any incident occurs immediately. The basic information that should be found in the report is as following:

  1. Place
  2. Date
  3. Time
  4. Nature of incident
  5. Individual reports from those concerned and signed
  6. Action taken
  7. Name, address and phone number of the guest where applicable
  8. Name of the staff member.

About your Position

Waiter, chef de range

Reports To  :                         Restaurant manager, Assistant manager, and Supervisor

Department:                      Restaurant

Responsibilities:              Section of a Restaurant


The waiters must possess at least 6 months to one year experience, preferably in a fast moving environment, but not from a self-service aspect. They must have a very competent level of English. They should have a very individual and outgoing personality and be able to put up with high levels of pressure. Some knowledge about food, wines and beers would be helpful.

They should always check the weekly restaurant staff rota to see what their rota time to work is. They should aim to arrive 5 minutes before the start time. On arrival they should check the daily work plan to see which station they have been scheduled to work on and to see which supervisor they have been assigned. They will then need to prepare the station for the service. Along with the runner they will need to: Polish enough glasses to cover the day’s service, clean all the silver ware, which includes large and small forks and knives, cruets, sugar bowls, wine stands and buckets. Prepare enough mise en place for the whole shift to set up the restaurant. Therefore they will use sufficient polished glasses and cutlery, take care of the stock of china, condiments and beverages. Supplementary they will restock the restaurant if necessary during the service. Following the daily cleaning rota and job allocated on the day and adhere to the correct standard of personal appearance and hygiene.

At the opening time the waiter should be present on the station. The waiter is totally responsibility to control his station. They will be responsible for taking all the orders with possible help from the supervisor. They will oversee that the correct mise en place is placed in front of the guest, that the food is delivered from the kitchen as quickly as is needed and is served to the correct guest (without having to auction the food around the table).

The waiter has to greet the customers and to ensure a prompt and efficient service for all customers, promote the menu, recommend the daily special, the correct use of the till and cash handling. He/she has to communicate to the chefs all customer requests, to handle customer’s queries, giving information and deal with minor complaints. All complaints have to be reported to the supervisor and/or manager.

They will be responsible for the order taking and along with the runner they will serve all food and drinks. The waiter and runner as a team will then need to clear the table. Then the dessert order should be taken and served. They will then make sure a coffee order and after dinner drinks order is taken and served.

The waiter alone will be responsible for presenting the bill to the guest. They are also responsible for making sure that the correct payment is received. After wishing the guest good bye they will need to set up the table for the next guest.

Serve the dishes following the numeration. The name of every dish needs to be announced when served. Check the ashtray. Refill drinks or ask for another one. Remove empty glasses. . . . (refer to the SOP)

Give the dessert menu to the guest. Take the dessert order and the coffee order at the same time and find out if they want it with the dessert or afterwards.

After the last guest has departed, they will be responsible for setting the tables ready for the following day’s business. The side station will be cleaned with no food or water or dirt left over night. They will also leave enough mise en place ready in the station to start the next day.

Put ashtrays on the tables in the smoking area. Prepare cups, saucers, side plates, and milk jugs on the stations. Check ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise, vinegar, oil and Parmesan on the station. Prepare the trolley where applicable.


Reports To:                         Restaurant manager, Assistant manager, supervisor and waiter

Department:                      Restaurant

Responsibilities:             Section of a Restaurant


The runner should have previous experience in a restaurant, but not from a self-service aspect. They must have a good understanding of the English language. They should have a very individual and outgoing personality and be able to deal with high levels of pressure. Some knowledge about food, wines and beers would be helpful.

The scope and general purpose of a runner is to prepare the restaurant, including all necessary mise en place for service and assist and support waiting staff during service in a professional, efficient and courteous manner.

Main Duties:

To clean agreed designated areas, in accordance with the SOP, morning/evening routines and hygiene requirements.

To clean and refill cruet and condiment set,sauces and chutneys to ensure consistent supply.

To ensure that flowers and table decorations are fresh and comply with agreed standards.

To set tables to the given standards, ensuring that all items used are clean, undamaged and in a good state of repair.

To ensure sideboards on stations are adequately stocked with replacement cutlery, linen or other established needs, food or equipment.

To serve food and beverages in accordance to the company’s standards, from the kitchen or bar to the relevant station and hand over to the waiter to be served.

To be totally familiar with the composition of all menu items.

To carry food and beverages above all in a professional, courteous manner.

To clear tables and ensure they are cleaned as soon as it is apparent that customers have finished their food or drink with an acceptable balance between speed, yet allowing customers to finish their meal without feeling rushed.

Be aware of and practise good customer relations, assisting the guest in any way which does not negatively affect other customers.

To acknowledge guest complaints and inform your supervisor or manager instantaneously.

To be continually aware of, and maintain, the highest standards of personal hygiene and dress code.

To attend meetings and training courses as required.