SOP Training – Waiter – Day 6

Day 6

Review everything you have learned and ask questions.

  • Communication in English
  • English language
  • Examination
English Expressions Book

These little phrases will help you to address your guests in the right and correct manner.

Communication in English

Expression Book


Good bye Sir/Madam再见,小姐/先生
Greeting guests
Good morning/afternoon/evening Sir/Madam早上好/下午好/晚上好/先生/女士
Welcome to Hacker-Pschorr欢迎光临赫佰世餐厅
May l help you with your coat/shopping/ ?我来帮你拿外套/购物袋,好吗?
Do you have a reservation?您有预订吗?
How many people for your table?请问有几位?
Do you prefer to sit in the smoking or non smoking area?请问您/您们想坐在吸烟区还是非吸烟区?
You are welcome (When guest say "thank you" to you)不客气(客人和你说;谢谢您)
Please wait a moment. Your table will be ready right away.请稍等,您的餐桌一会就准备好
l am sorry to kept you waiting (so long)!抱歉让您久等了
May I help you Sir/Madam?我可以帮助您吗?先生/女士
How can I help you, Sir/Madam?先生、女士,请问我如何为您效劳?
Do you prefer to smoke or not to smoke Sir/Madam?先生、女士,请问您是否需要吸烟?
Have you been helped, Sir/Madam?请问有人帮助您吗?
Can I be of any help?请问我能帮助您吗?
Would you like to join us for lunch/afternoon tea/drinks?您愿意与我们共进午餐、下午茶、共饮一杯吗?
Lead guests to table
Please follow me, l will show you your table.请跟我走,我带您到
Would you like to sit here?请问您想坐在这里吗?
Here is our menu.您好,这是菜单
Your server will be here soon.一会服务员就过来
May I give you the menu for the dessert, Sir/Madam?我可以现在给您介绍一下本店甜品吗?
Enjoy your time.祝你用餐愉快
Sorry, sir, here is the non-smoking area.对不起,先生,这边不能抽烟
You may enjoy your cigarette at the bar您可以在吧台抽烟
Sorry for any inconvenience.抱歉,给你造成不便
Would you like a baby chair for your child?请问,您需要儿童椅吗?
Excuse me, may l take this chair?打扰了,我能搬走这个椅子吗?
This is our menu, please have a look, I/your waiter will be with you in a minute.这是我们的菜单,请先看会,点单员一会就到
Just a moment please, l will be back in a minute.请稍等,我一会就回来
Our daily/weekly special is "Chef 's special"本店今日、本周特色是“大厨推荐”
Taking orders
l am your server today, my name is . . . .我是、、,今天为你服务
The soup of the day is . . . .今天的例汤是
The special of the day is . . . .今天的特色菜是
Are you ready to order?你现在要点单吗?
Have you decided already?您想好了吗?请点餐。
l willbe back to take your order in a minutes我一会就过来为您点单
What would you like to drink?请问,您想要什么饮料
Large or small, please.请问,您要大杯还是小杯?
Would you like to have a starter or soup before your main course, Sir/Madam?请问您需要什么开胃小菜或是汤?
How would you like your meat cooked?请问,您想要几成熟的?
Would you like a bottle of red (white) wine with your dinner?请问,您要一瓶红酒(白葡萄酒)吗?
Would you like your coffee/dessert after your meal?请问,您要咖啡/甜点吗?
Anything else?还要其他的吗?
After order taking
May I repeat the order? Here we go . . . .您好,我想和你确认下您点的菜,您点了、、
l will take the menu.您还需要菜单吗?
lf you need any help, please just call me.如果你需要帮助,请叫我
When serving
Here is your drink/ food.(Best tell the food or beverage's name)这是你的饮料/食物(最好告诉客人食物和饮料的名字)
Always say "excuse me" before serving or clearing and "thank you" after you have finished with each customer.上菜和清理餐盘时,记得以“不好意思,打扰了”开头,以“非常感谢”结束
Enjoy your meal!祝你用餐愉快
Check during the guests are eating
Would you like one more drink?您要在来一杯吗?
How is your food?您觉得食物怎么样?
Is everything the way it should be?一切还顺利吗?
After guests have finished their meal
How was everything?一切顺利吗?
Did you enjoy your meal?您喜欢这里的食物吗?
May l take your plates/glasses away?我能拿走盘子(杯子)吗?
Which dessert would you like to order您想要什么甜点?
Do you prefer coffee or tea with your dessert?请问,你想要咖啡还是茶,伴着甜点?
On payment
Do you need FAPIAO?您要发票吗?
Here is your change/your card这是您的零钱/银行卡
l am sorry we do not accept foreign currency对不起,我们不收外币
Sorry, we cannot accept this, it is counterfeit/bogus money对不起,这是假币,我们不收
Have a good day/night/ pleasant weekend/ good holiday.祝您今天愉快/今晚愉快/周末愉快/假日愉快
Thank you, Sir/Madam, I am looking forward to seeing you again.谢谢光临,欢迎下次惠顾。
Thank you, Sir/Madam, I hope I will see you again in the near future.谢谢惠顾,欢迎下次光临。
Please keep an eye on your handbag/mobile/wallet?请看好您的包/手机/钱包
Give direction
Go straight and turn left and you will get to the washroom.直走然后向左拐,你就看到洗手间了
Please follow me, l will show you the washroom.请跟我来,我带您去洗手间
If you are uncertain
Beg your pardon, could you repeat that?对不起,您能再说一遍吗?
l will get the manager for you. He/she will be glad to help you我叫经理过来,他/他很乐意帮你
l am new here, I will get someone to help you, wait a moment, please.我是新来的,请稍等好吗?我叫其他人来为你服务
Drinks offer
Hallo Sir, how are you today?先生,您好,今天过的怎么样?
Nice to see you again.很高兴再次见到您
Would you like to have a drink first?您要先来一杯饮料吗?
Can l get you a drink?我能请你喝一杯吗?
The [name of the dish] is excellent.这道菜美味极了
The [name of the dish] is very good in taste.这道菜味道非常不错
Would you like to order a soup with your pork knuckle?您要点个汤搭配猪肘吗?
Would you like to have onion rings or potato wedges to share?您要点洋葱圈或者薯角吗?大家可以分享吃
Would you like order some chicken breast (or shrimp& salmon) with your Caesar salad您的凯撒沙拉要加鸡胸肉(虾仁和三文鱼)吗?
Our on-site brewed beer is very popular, would you like to try the Lager?我们的现酿啤酒非常受欢迎,你要来一杯吗?
Spot check
How is your [dish]?您觉得菜可口吗?
How was the fish?您喜欢这道鱼?
Was everything to your satisfaction?您还满意吗?
Thank you for your visit, see you soon.非常感谢您的光临,期待您的再次到来
See you next time.欢迎再次光临
Have a good day/night/weekend.祝你玩的愉快/今晚愉快/周末愉快