Job Description

Sample for a manager – Document Style:Positions - Restaurant business

  • Reports To: General Manager
  • Department: Catering
  • Outlet: Fine Dining Restaurants
  • Responsibilities: All Restaurant Team Members

Requirements: Minimum of 10 years experience in international hotels or high volume operation. Have completed an international recognised apprenticeship, catering school or certifiable training program. Must have strong experience, (international preferred) proven organisational, and excellent supervisory skills in restaurants that employ over a minimum of 30 waiting staff.


He/she will bring about and maintain effective regular communications with relevant personnel at all levels, both in house and externally.

He/she will act as co-ordinator for strategic and operational activities, where required.

The holder of the position must ensure that all resources are utilised to maximise the performance in the outlets in addition to the support areas within their responsibility.

To develop new strategies, using specialist knowledge and up to date industry technology, to ensure working practices and procedures are always ahead of the competition

The Manager is responsible for using performance management systems. This includes induction objective setting, appraisals, developing, counselling and grievance and disciplinary issues. Equally they must recognise excellent performers and address any poor performers.


The Manager must be flexible and at all times be ready to respond to the needs of the area whilst prioritising and organising operative responsibilities within the role. He/she supervises Staff, and must delegate and set targets for the team to ensure that the Restaurant is running smoothly, effectively and productively. Ultimate responsibility for staff control, customer service and standards and the implementation of up selling rests with him/her in association with the General Manager to ensure that the standards set by the Head of Blue Pudding are adhered to.

He/she is a member of the Management Team and participates in the decision making process of Blue Pudding.

He/she has the overall responsibility of all operational aspects of the restaurants’ activities within his/her area including but not limited to: Grooming, Cleanliness, “On stage”-appearance, Staffing, Financial Bottom line performance, Customer satisfaction, Customer complaints and commendations.


He/she must work in close liaison with the General Manager so that a cohesive strategy is carried out across Blue Pudding. He/she has to support the team, reporting directly to them. The Manager must ensure that their Staff maintain and monitor the sales performance of the Outlets.

He/she must monitor and assess the performance of their Staff, effectively manage the performance of staff and ensure that the consistently high standards set by Blue Pudding are maintained.

Day-to-Day Operation

The Manager must advise the staff of the departments daily, weekly and monthly targets so that every staff member is aware of the department’s objectives and ensure that their staff maintain and monitor the sales performance of their department.

Recruitment and Training

It is necessary for he/she to liase with Recruitment, Training, and HR on a regular basis regarding staff issues. He/she will interview all prospective staff members after Recruitment has pre selected suitable candidates. The Manager must identify the training and development needs of Staff in order that both department and company targets and standards are met. He/she must co-ordinate training sessions in liaison with the training department according to the operational standards for all members of Staff within the Restaurant.

He/she is required to work to the standards and those expected by the customers. He/she must ensure that Company Systems are implemented and adhered to, to ensure that both Managers and Staff are kept informed of any changes within these, and organise any necessary re-training.

Standard Operating Procedures

The Manager must maintain and update the SOP. Ensuring that everybody within the Outlet is aware of them and to monitor that all employees are maintaining these standards. Customer care must be of an exceptional standard and the Manager must work with all staff to ensure that these standards are maintained and hat queries and complaints are handled promptly and effectively, meeting customer satisfactions with minimum cost to the Company. The Manager will deal with any escalating queries referred to them by the Head of the Company.

Customer Complaints

Customer service must be of an exceptional standard and he/she must work with and train his/her team to ensure that these standards are maintained and that queries and verbal complaints are handled promptly and effectively.


The Manager is responsible for ensuring that their department do not exceed its expense and payroll budgets, therefore the Manager must closely monitor overtime and staff cost. The Manager must have a thorough understanding of their profit and loss statements.


Communication is a vital part of the job; therefore, the Manager must set up and maintain suitable channels for communication to ensure the efficient running of their departments. This enables the free flowing of ideas and information between everyone, from Director level to staff level, so that all parties are aware of the objectives of the department and the activities within the area at any moment in time. The communication between the Management is very important so that information can be fed back.

Cleanliness and Maintenance

He/she is responsible for the Restaurants good house keeping and cleanliness. He/she has to be an active controller for the environment and, in liaison with any Cleaning Company to ensure that the consistently high standards set is maintained in accordance with Blue Pudding’s image.

Till and Inventory

Full understanding of both the Till and Inventory system to ensure a smooth operational running and assist the Staff. The Manager is the focal liaison point, and therefore it is essential that they are computer and system literate.


He/she has to take care of the rota for: time planning, holiday planning, days in lieu, overtime and absence.

Menu Engineering

Create seasonal menus in liaison with the Chefs and the Staff. Layout, Correction, Printing and Till issues.


All new ongoing projects referring the Restaurant requested by General Manager will be individually mentioned, discussed, and set up. The Manager must ensure that constant evaluating, analysis takes place, and that all information is utilised effectively, creating action plans for the Business.