People have incredible potential. The only real task of a trainer or coach is to wake up and support this potential, so that new know how and knowledge can be trained and utilised successfully.

  • Learn everthing there is about necessary or new tools in a class room.
  • Afterwords the theoretical knowledge will be implemented into the daily work environment, errors will be spoted and corrected immediately, repeatedly. Strengths and weaknesses are clearly shown. The new tools can be adapted individually.
  • Clear defined goals are achieved with these new tools and ensure high affinity.
  • Motivation is the engine. Participants will learn: This is not just theory, it really does work, I will remember that! That means the highest motivation by immediate measurements of success (e.g. increase of the turn over through upselling).


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“Learn tirelessly – Teach enthusiastically”
(Zitat Ende, Confucius)

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