Training und Workshops

Trainings and workshops are only useful when something is beeing “conveyed” and a positive behavioral change can be achieved. Not the seminar time is crucial, but the effect. The sustainable learning success is based on my multiple transfer backup.

  • Agreement of objectives befor the training secession

  • Convenient atmosphere without fear
  • At the beginning I try to find out the level of knowledge of the attendees
  • Special requirements will be accounted for and integrated
  • Change in methods to enhance the attention
  • No foreign phrases are practiced but their own will be developed
  • Exercises do not have fictional contents but will be examples from their own daily practice
  • Group work, role playing, repetition of the seminar-end
  • “Mini test” with questionnaire
  • Feedback with statements about the potential for change
  • Checklists for the day to day business, seminar documentation
Training und Workshops
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