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Professional expertise in hospitality and restaurant services

F&B Consulting …

. . . is a management consulting firm with high professional expertise in hospitality and restaurant services.PhiloDex Consult - Unternehmensberatung für die Gastronomie

Since years PhiloDex Consult works together with Austrian and international hospitality companies and other lines of businesses.

The company has been established to to assist and support firms within the hospitality and restaurant business in order to enhance their performance and achieve future success.

The success of my clients is built on custom insight and open collaboration, as well as on numbers, figures and analyses. And when I implement solutions together with my clients, I stand up to the test of real-world competition.

“I have very simple taste, I am always satisfied with the best.”
(Unquote, Oscar Fingal O´Flahertie Wills Wild)

Certified Management Consultant at the chamber of commerce
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Increase Performance

Increase your performance does not always means necessarily to search for weaknesses. There is a huge potential in focusing on your strength. Both together are the premises for success

In many companies arise similar issues, yet each operation is unique. You as the business owner know exactly where the shoe pinches and where external support is necessary.

Increase performance through …

  • … a SWOT report
  • … ready-made solutions and application of simple methods
  • … personal implementation into your business

“Gegen das Fehlschlagen eines Planes gibt es keinen besseren Trost, als auf der Stelle einen neuen bereitzuhalten.”
(Zitat Ende, Jean-Paul Sartre)

This is the way of how to transform a “company” into an – “economical successful operating business “!


A strategic alignment, perfect management and good corporate governance ensure sustainable success. The process of business planning is one of the most important components in addition to many relevant areas of business and existing businesses.

Topics of consulting:

  • Management
  • Strategy
  • Business Planing
  • Business Idea
  • Business Plan
  • Start Up Assistance
  • Cooperations
  • Franchising

“Verantwortlich ist man nicht nur für das, was man tut, sondern auch für das, was man nicht tut.”
(Zitat Ende, Laotse, Philosoph)



The operation (the company) undergoes a constant change. To successfully continue to work, you have the opportunity to obtain advice in various areas.
Topics of consulting:

  • Business Development
  • Optimizing Workflow
  • Staff Development
  • Food Hygiene und -Safety,
  • SOP Standard Operating Procedures
  • Work Ethics
  • Inventory, Storage, Supplier Agreements and Logistics

“Der eine wartet bis die Zeit sich wandelt, der andere packt sie kräftig an und handelt.”
(Zitat Ende, Dante Alighieri)


Marketing and Sales

Marketing and sales are important elements in every business. Products and services are geared to specific needs of the customer and the prevailing market situation.

Topics of consulting:

  • Marketing Strategy and Business Planning
  • Mystery Shopping, Mystery Guest
  • CI, Branding
  • Communication
  • Internet Marketing, Webpages
  • Architecture
  • Restaurant Equipment and Design

“Bitterer Tee, mit Wohlwollen dargeboten, schmeckt süßer als Tee, den man mit saurer Miene reicht.”
(Zitat Ende, Konfuzius)


Cost Controlling

For all lines of business are the areas of finance and accounting essential. I will be on hand to help, to give you the best solutions and explanations and to optimize your cost control.

Topics of consulting:

  • Operations Analysis
  • Business Check
  • Budgeting
  • Calculations
  • Profit and Loss Statement
  • Controlling
  • Business Forecast

“Insofern sich die Sätze der Mathematik auf die Wirklichkeit beziehen sind sie nicht sicher, und insofern sie sicher sind,
beziehen sie sich nicht auf die Wirklichkeit.”
(Zitat Ende, Albert Einstein)