8 Million

You are so far away,

because I couldn’t stay.


That was my biggest fear.

What the fuck — now it’s clear.


You are there and I am here,

you, I can neither see nor hear.


8 million meter I wish to trot,

right now, at once and on the spot!


8 million meter I would stride for a single touch,

if I wouldn’t have this fucking crutch.


8 million steps I would walk,

just to have with you a talk.


8 million steps in a straight line,

merely to share with you a glass of wine.


It’s so hard to bear,

not to breath the same air,

not to see what you wear,

not to meet you at the stair,

not to sense your flair,

this to change is my major care.


This I swear.


Reverse this condition,

is my one and only mission.


Your Poem

In this world that I’m in

A world that’s full of people full of stipple

A world that sometimes brings bliss and sometimes put you in tears

A world full of life but of course also takes away the light

For every living creature has its end but that doesn’t mean we should bend

Bend to our hearts desire bend to our hears fire


Never have I imagined in this world that I’m in

That someone would come along who will make me feel that I belong

Who’ll appreciate me for who I am

Who will do anything just to make me smile again and again


I don’t need to live in a plalce-like house

I don’t meed much

Only your attention is enough

To make me feel that I am not alone


I know With you my life is worth living

I know With you my life is gonna be just fine

I know you each day begins with a smile

With you each day begins with a smile


I don’t really have to worry

That some things won’t workout for me

I don’t really have to bother

Just as long as you here with me


I know Together we can make our dreams come true

I know Tat through the years we won’t be growing old

I know Counting stars won’t be sor hard to do


There will be our lowest times

Bit At the end of the tunnel it shines

Our love for each other will never fail

That I know because with you is life like a fairytail

It’s over again

Our relation was an illusion,

which led to a lot of confusion.


Were you playing a game?

Therefore on you I would lay the blame.


But now I have come to the insight,

you are not the one, you are not the right,


to be the one on my side,

to be my alleged bride.


It is now so bright and clear,

unexpected it was, but also my fear.


With your wish now I agree,

even though I still love thee,


all my feelings I will slide,

put them away, put them aside,


deep down in my heart they shall hide,

put my life back to the right.


For my love this is not the end,

hence, I will remain your true and honest friend!


Ruhig mein Herz

Still mein Herz, schweig still,

Sie ist es die uns nicht mehr will.


Gib Ruh‘ mein Herz, gib Ruh

Sie hört uns nicht mehr zu.


Sei leise mein Herz, sei leise

so ist die Liebe, wenn sie auf der Reise.


Nicht so wild mein Herz, nicht so wild

es ist Ihr Schutz, es ist Ihr Schild,


womit Sie selbst sich nur beschützt

auch wenn uns das gar nichts nützt.


Beruhige dich mein Herz.

Was bleibt ist pur der Schmerz.

No one can guess

[Verse 1]

I’ve been in many spheres

I have been searching for a thousand years

Travelling for a thousand miles so fast

My journey ends, is gone and past, I found you at last

No matter who you are, or who am I, it’s true love

catching, perfectly matching

You breathe life in me again

You make my heart beat’n high



I, I need you like a heartbeat, baby

and my heart’s beatin’ beat- beat- beat- beat- beat- beat

I, I need you like a heartbeat, baby

and my heart’s beatin’ beat- beat- beat- beat- beat- beat


[Verse 2]

Perennial is my love, truly, unconditionally and eternally

won’t die, won’t fade away, it is everlasting,

so the sun shines from dawn to dusk

so the wind blows and the snow falls

so my love grows

Floating on the seventh heaven

I am jubilant, on the cloud number nine

I am

And you took my breath away



I, I need you like the air to breath

And I keep gasping to breath- breath- breath- breath- breath- breath

I, I need you like the air to breath

And I keep gasping to breath- breath- breath- breath- breath- breath



No one can guess

how deep is my love, all the love I possess

The wind in my sail that’s what you are

For a cruse that can go so far



I, just want to be loved by you


Why …

… it is time to say good buy?


It woke me up, that tremendous cry,

came out of the blue of the sky,

incredible loud, harsh and dry,

whilst above the clouds I fly,

my heart’s still beating high.


Even dough I deny,

I am still in love with thy,

the mystery is why,

your love to me did die,

what I feel is not a lie.


Another attempt? I shall try!

To melt in — into your dark brown eye!


A trench in my heart you plough,

me — out of your life you throw,

tied to the job, I cannot go,

to these conditions — I bow.


Likewise you try to withdraw,

standing on two sides of a window,

inevitable, that we each other saw.


On the glass frosty flowers grow,

a freezing breeze does blow,

and the temperature is low.


Inside you, is there a glow?

Are you afraid, don’t want it to show?


Is it love or bitterness I saw?

Four reasons

The world is reigned by four SEASONS.

Four solid ELEMENTS are in the ground.

Equivalent to these and firm are the reasons,

at the bottom of my heart I found.


Reasons for my love after a time so short,

are neither more nor less than four.

They are what drives me to court,

and shall, I am certain, grow to be more.


Flowers and trees blossom at SPRING,

has a soft, tepid warm and pleasant AIR,

same way I flourish when I hear you sing.

Of you, I desire to take care.


Hot and dedicated is the SUMMER,

full of abundance of passion, like FIRE.

Every time we meet hits me like a hammer.

To be with you, I do admire.


It is colourful, and clear the air in AUTUMN,

substantial is it and down to EARTH.

A harmonious concord from top to bottom,

is what we have, to abide — it’s worth.


Quiet and strong is the WINTER, and white,

solid frozen and clear is the WATER.

I will keep you warm, hold you tight,

to hold together — love shall be the cotter.