SOP Kellner – Training Day 3

Day 3 第三天

Job requirements   工作要求

  • Review of what we learned on day 2
  • 复习第二天所学习的内容
  • How to serve a customer
  • 如何服务顾客
  • About guest expectations and negligence
  • 顾客的期望和
On Day 3 you will learn   第三天你会学习:
  • Skills 职业技能
  • Team work团队合作
  • Communication 良好地沟通技能
  • The service 提供良好的服务
Necessary documents   必要的文档

Files:                       SOP-HP-List-Duties-Service
文件:                      标准操作流程-工作职责-服务

Skills – Service Staff   服务员工的职业技能

Skills for runners, waiters and supervisors   传递员、服务员、餐厅主管职业技能

The basic practical skills, such as table set up and professional service of food and beverages are essential basic skills. A modern waiter must also have additional abilities. Good service requires many human characteristics and qualities. These include:

  • contact ability 交流沟通能力
  • good knowledge of human nature 了解人性的特点
  • correct manners 良好的礼仪
  • diplomatic skills 得体的言行
  • self-control 自制能力
  • humour 幽默感
  • eloquence, expressiveness 优秀的表达能力
  • language skills (English) 熟练掌握英语

Therefore in this profession the whole person is required not only the expertise. These above-mentioned assets are not understood as a guarantee for the service provided. Excellent service is only possible if the willingness and the determination is there every day and to adjust to the various guests in a positive way and to provide full commitment.

Behaviour   行为规范

There is only one chance to make the best first impression. Always look professional by maintaining standards set by Restaurant Bräuhaus. You and the way you look and your manners are the manifestation of the company’s reputation.
第一印象至关重要。严格遵守  Restaurant Bräuhaus  的规定以及职业标准。您的形象和礼仪与公司的声誉密切相关。

Strictly prohibited in the restaurant   餐厅严禁:
  • Mobile phones 玩手机
  • Eat or drink, chewing gum 吃东西、喝饮料、嚼口香糖
  • Lean or shout 依物而立或者大喊大叫
  • Comb your hair 梳理头发
  • Re-apply make up 补妆
  • Private discussions 窃窃私语
  • Scratch or touch your face 抓耳挠腮

If these manners are not adhered to disciplinary action can and will be taken.

Team work   团队合作

Offer assistance to the waiting staff during busy periods. By clearing, and cleaning tables and taking orders,ensuring that the relevant information is passed onto the waiting staff.
餐厅高峰时段,接待员要为服务员提供帮助。 可帮忙清理餐桌,点单,确保相关信息传递给服务员。

Inform your manager of any guest comment immediately and keep a pro-active attitude.

Be confident and efficient with the computer use, the billing, discounts and promotions.

Answer the phone and take reservations.

If possible, support others during service in order to improve the delivery of standards.

Take part in the general duties of the restaurant.

Communication   良好的沟通

Communication (from Latin commūnicāre, meaning “to share”).

It is the activity of conveying information through the exchange of thoughts, messages, or information, as by speech, visuals, signals, writing, or behaviour.

It is the significant exchange of information between two or more living creatures.

The Service  良好的服务

File name “HP-SOP-List-Duties-Service” 文件名:标准操作流程-工作职责-服务

How to serve a customer 良好的顾客服务

Simply carrying a plate is not what will have to be understood as serving or waiting. In the restaurant business it is indispensable to provide the most supreme level of customer service.
良好的服务并不仅仅只是端餐盘 在餐饮行业,提供高质量的服务是极其重要的

Carrying   传菜

Trays will be used at all times to carry something through the restaurant. Except when you carry bottles, plates or you use a saucer and beer.

Load and carry a “tray” – beverages   用小圆托盘端送饮料

When you load your tray yourself you can put it on an even surface fill it up an pick it carefully

If you have no space to set the tray down, set the in on your left hand

Take the tray and put it on the centre of your hand, your fingers are lightly spread open.

Put the drinks on the tray

Take the glasses by the stem and put them on the tray

Put the drinks on your tray in such a way that the tray will not become unstable during the service

Always start by putting the drinks in the centre of the tray

Organize the drinks according the sequence you will serve it – where applicable

You must hold your tray in a horizontal position to keep it balanced

Hold your tray as far from the customer as possible

Load and carry a “plateau” food   用大托盘端送食物

The weight on the plateau must be evenly distributed to ensure a good balance while wearing it. Heavy things are to be placed on the side that is closer to the body, namely at the shoulder. The spout of saucers and jugs with hot liquids must be directed away from the body. High piles of plates are not be transported with the help of the plateau, but worn with the hands.

When lifting up the plateau, do not wrench your body but lift it in a straight posture. While carrying the plateau must not be placed on the shoulder, because vibrations and body movements will be transmitted to the plateau.

The shall be 2 plateaus available for each service station

Carry plates   端盘子

The basic three plates to carry is more a matter of technique than balance. The important thing to remember is that the top of the plate is sacred.

No part of your hand or another plate should ever touch the food on another plate. If, when you deliver the plates any of them have food from another plate on the bottom, you have failed to deliver them correctly.

For this reason we are using plates that have a wide rim. Our chefs will place meals in to the centre of the plate. By utilizing these two factors, you can successfully carry three plates in one hand.

Here is a step by step guide to this practice.

Place the first plate between your thumb and first finger by the edge. Rotate the plate away from your body.

Place the next plate under the first. Use your remaining three fingers to support the plate while the top edge of the second plate rests on the bottom of the first.
把第二个盘子放在第一个盘子的下面, 用剩下的三个手指攥紧盘子,第二盘子的边缘靠着第一个盘子的边缘的底部。

The third plate is added by using your arm and the lip of the second plate as balance points.

By adding an additional plate in the free hand, you can now carry four plates at once.

Quality check   质量控制

You have to check the whether the presentation of food is appetizing, that the portions are of acceptable size, that the hot food is hot and cold food cold, that the food resembles description from menu, that the taste and texture meet expectations and that the customer receives value for money. If not sure call your supervisor.

The Service 服务

The service step by step and what is expected by whom in what sequence you will find in the relevant attachment.
服务的每个步骤,客人期待的、最后的结果 你可以在相关的附件中找到。

Where applicable serve plates with your right hand from the right hand-side as you carry them in your left. If possible serve the table clockwise.

General rules of service   常规服务标准

The order taking is the most important part of the service. Good communication skills are essential.

After order taking the waiter will post the order in the till. Follow the instructions of the till procedure.

This will then automatically generate a copy of the order at the printer in the kitchen or the bar.

As a waiter you will have to pick up the drinks at the bar and serve the complete order the table as fast as possible.

As soon as the food is prepared the kitchen will indicate that the food is ready.

The runner will fetch a complete set of order and bring it to the closest sideboard to the table. It is advisable to communicate non verbal (eye contact – no shouting) to the waiter and bring the food directly to the table, where the waiter is awaiting you and serve the dishes.
传菜员把客人所点的菜都端来送到离餐桌最近的餐具柜上,最好的情况是传菜员和服务员已形成默契,不须大喊大叫,只需眼神暗示,无声地交流。 传菜员会直接把菜端到相应的餐桌前,服务员把菜正确地端给每一位客人。

Upon the completion of the meals of the guests the waiter will clear the tables and put them onto the side board.

Every runner who has served food has to check on his way return to the kitchen it there are dirty plates on any station and will pick them up and bring them to the dish washer.

The same applies to the waiter. When he returns from a table back to the bar or kitchen dirty dishes will have to be picked and returned immediately.
当然,服务员也要如此。服务员走向吧台或厨房时, 也要及时地把客人已吃好的餐盘收走。

After the guest had left the table the both the waiter and the runner instantly will have to clear, clean and reset table for the next guests.

Up selling    配套、搭配促销

To up-sell is to suggest complementary items to customers with their order. I.e.: suggest a Apple strudel when they buy coffee; suggest a Brezel when they order Goulash soup. The item you suggest must be complementary, not the main item. Refer to the “SOP Up selling DB”

Remember  注意事项

  • You cannot suggest more than one item   一次只推荐一样食物
  • You should always use the positive interrogative tense   请使用肯定的疑问语气

Another way to escalate the average spend is when you offer customers to take a bigger portion of what they select, based on totally satisfying their needs. (Menu engineering, daily or weekly specials…)

Whilst you achieve up selling as a day-to-day routine meaning to increase the productivity you have to improve the profitability, which is an equal important challenge – margin orientated up selling.

Margin orientated up selling   以利润为导向的搭配销售

You need to know everything there is about our items. Including the margin as this helps the company to achieve a higher profit without increasing the revenue.

This is an important part for the company as it has to achieve a maximum of profit in order to run the operation and pay its bills – this encloses your salary.

Clearing Dishes   清理餐盘

Dishes are cleared promptly within three minutes of all guests finishing their meal. We are always careful to avoid interrupting our guests with this process. Clear the plates with you right hand from the right hand-side hold them in your left. Clear the table clockwise.
作为服务员, 一旦客人用完餐,应在三分钟内清理餐盘。在收拾盘子的过程中,尽量避免打扰客人。按顺时针清理餐盘从右边开始收拾,左手端起来。

Beer service   啤酒服务

When fetching the beer check if there is sufficient foam (optimal head) on it. If not, ask the barman for a top up.
作为服务员,到吧台去端啤酒时,要检查啤酒顶部时否有充盈的泡沫,没有的话,让吧员 加些泡沫在上面

Optimal head size means between a finger’s width and 1 ½ inches.

If a guest orders a beer you may carry it in your hand or serve it on a tray.
作为服务员,客人点啤酒时, 你要用手或者托盘端给客人

When carrying in your hand do not touch the glass on the rim or upper part of the glass.

This is a hygiene issue.

Put it on a coaster on the table, in front of the guest.

When the guest eats put the glass on the right hand side of the guest on top of the tip of the knife (or where it would be an a set table)

Place the glass in front of the guest with the label facing the guest, so he can see it is Restaurant Bräuhaus beer.

Wine service – Workflow     葡萄酒服务—工作流程

Set white wine glasses. The white wine glass should always be smaller than the red wine glass, so that the white wine stays cooler.

Put the bottle of white wine (rose wine), properly tempered from the wine cooler in the double walled plastic wine cooler (where the temperature is maintained for about an hour ), or else in the bottle cooler with ice and water (or no water, so the wine is not too cold ), put on a saucer with paper napkin and wine towel on a the table.

Present the bottle to the host and describe it, then that put bottle back into the cooler.
拿起葡萄酒对着客人,详细绘声绘色地介绍, 然后放回到冷却器中。

Cut the capsule with the knife of your corkscrew smooth and just below the mouth of the bottle off.

Then remove the upper part of the capsule only, wipe off the bottle mouth with a clean, white wine towel. Screw your corkscrew carefully and slowly, without turning the bottle in the cork. Place the supporters of the corkscrew on the bottle neck mouth. Now pull the cork slowly and carefully noiselessly out of the bottle.

The cork must not be drilled through as small cork pieces could fall into the bottle.
绝不能用酒钻钻通软木塞, 不然会有软木塞木屑掉进酒里

Rule of thumb: The longer the cork , the more valuable the wine

Smell discreetly on the part of the cork, which was in contact with the wine. If it smells strange such as cork, lactic acid , vinegar stitch, … . Present the cork to the guest who ordered the wine.
即使软木塞有轻微气味,也和葡萄酒的口感密切相关。若软木塞味道闻起来很奇怪,像木塞、 乳酸或醋酸的味道, 把软木塞拿给客人

Wipe the bottle mouth before you pour the host a sip for degustation. The bottle should not be kept too high, but do not touch the glass edge. Wait until the guest tasted the wine and indicates to pour the wine. Criticizes the guest the wine, take back the wine and replace it with a new one.
先用干净的毛巾擦拭瓶口,然后为客人倾倒一点,让客人先品尝,体会舌尖上的盛宴 。为客人倒酒时,酒瓶不要抬得太高,也不要碰着酒杯的边缘。 客人品尝完,并称赞肯定方可为客人倒上美酒。若客人并不喜欢此款葡萄酒,把它拿回去,并拿来其他葡萄酒。

Pour the wine into the glass, you never hide the label with your hand. Keep the bottle neck when pouring at a height so that the wine is not splashing into the glass but do not support the bottleneck on the rim of the glass. Fill the glass one-third full. Finish off the pouring with a short rotation of the bottle in order to prevent wine to drip on the tablecloth.
为客人到葡萄酒时,不要用手握到酒瓶上的商标。 倒葡萄酒时,瓶颈和酒杯保持一段距离,这样既避免猛然倾倒太多同时又避免把酒瓶靠着酒杯,导致酒杯不稳。倒满杯子的三分之一即可。倒好酒后轻转酒瓶,这样,洒在酒瓶上的红酒就不会滴到桌布上

Serve the wine as follows: first the female guests , then the male guests ( would properly graded according to age) last the host or the person who ordered the wine.
按以下顺序为客人倒酒:首先女士客人,然后是男性顾客( 合适的方法是按照年龄依次倒酒),最后是主人和点单的人。

For white wines pure no more than 1/2 of the glass for red wine a maximum of 1 /3 and for very high quality wines or particularly large and valuable glasses pour even less.
服务员要谨记:倒白葡萄酒时,绝不能超过杯子的一半; 红葡萄酒的话,最多只能倒三分之一; 更珍贵的葡萄酒或是特别大的杯子,那就倒更少。

Wet bottles are wrapped in a wine towel so that the guest can see the label.

Wine should always be refilled only when the glass is completely emptied.

Coffee service   咖啡服务

As of whether you serve an espresso, latte, or any other coffee, the right way to do so is:

Put the coffee on a saucer, spoon, sugar, milk, cookie and a small glass of water.

As a runner at the beginning of your shift prepare all necessary mise en place.

On service place the coffee in front of the guest so that the handle points to the right.
把咖啡端给客人时, 咖啡的把柄要对着右边

The spoon will be placed on the side away from the guest with the end also pointing to the right.

Put the cookie on the rim of the saucer on the side closer to the guest.

Place the milk jug, if ordered, on the top right side of the coffee and the water glass behind it.

When serving on a coffee tray put the spoon on top of the water glass.

When serving Caffee Latte use the appropriate glass and put a long stemmed spoon directly into the glass. Put in on a coaster in front of the guest.