Time is fleeting, far too fast,

an entire year is gone, it’s past,

but it stays, it leaves a cast,

remembrance remains, it does last.


It came through me with grieve,

it was force majeure,

when I heard I had to leave,

even so – it occur.


In hindsight, for all your work and aid,

this way I want to say not less,

and I say it free and unafraid,

was much more than gratefulness!




Some days life sucks

It makes me sick,

when a chick,

comes across, like a prick,


wants a dick,

fast and quick,

throws you out with a kick,


on your feelings gives a fuck,

there you stuck,

… bad luck.


Left in pain,

in the rain,

thats insane.


She walks away,

bluring in the grey,

what can I say:


“One must obey,

and there are bills to pay!”

What a fucking day!