SOP 训练 – 服务员 – 日一

Day 1  第一天

Know your job environment 熟悉你的工作环境

Objective  主题:
  • Relax and observe 放松和观察
  • Job shadowing 你是培训员的影子,观察他是怎么做
  • Follow your trainer 跟着你的培训员,学习他怎么做
Observe  观察:
  • Environment 餐厅的工作环境
  • Know your job position 熟悉工作岗位
On Day 1 you will learn   第一天你会学到 :
  • Tour the restaurant, know every department and introduce yourself.
  • 参观餐厅,了解各个部门以及成员,同时你也要也做自我介绍
  • If you have questions, ask your trainer. If customer asks something you don’t know, tell them you are new here.
  • 如果你有任何问题,尽管问你的培训员。如果客人问到你没培训的内容,告诉客人:对不起,我是新来
  • If you want to leave your post, for example, go to the bathroom, you must ask for permission from your supervisor.
  • 离开岗位,例如,您想去洗手间,必须向你的主管汇报,得到批准后方可离开
  • Operating Time
  • 查看值日表
  • Know all the table numbers and locations
  • 识记所有的餐桌号码,明确其所在位置
  • Know how to set a table, where to put salt and pepper, etc.
  • 学习如何摆放餐桌,并明确食盐和胡椒摆放那里
  • Know Chefs special, Lunch special, soup of the day, etc,
  • 熟记厨师特色菜、午餐特色菜、每日例汤等
Necessary documents   必要的文档

Prints: All promotion menus
印刷品: 所有促销菜单

Files: Restaurant Bräuhaus Presentation
文件: 赫佰世手册

Prints: Table plan, station plan
印刷: 餐桌摆放、餐厅服务点布局图

Our operating times   我们的营业时间

Opening hours   营业时间

Daily – 10:00am – 02:00am                                  每天 – 10:00am – 02:00am

Hot kitchen                                                                  热房
Daily – 10:30am – 23:00pm                                  每天 – 10:30am – 23:00pm

Lunch specials                                                           午餐时光
Daily – 11:00am – 14:00pm                                   每天 – 11:00am – 14:00pm

Afternoon break                                                        下午茶时光
Daily – 16:00pm – 18: 00pm                                 每天 – 16:00pm – 18:00pm

Cocktail hours                                                            午餐时光
Daily – 22:00pm – 02: 00am                                每天 – 22:00pm – 02:00am

Night owl                                                                      夜猫子时光
Daily – 23:00pm – 01: 00am                                 每天 – 23:00pm – 01:000am


The stations   服务区(前厅)

Station                                                                                              Table Nrs.                               Seats
区域                                                                                                          桌号                                       座位数

VIP 1 – Raurakl                      Mythical creature                        0-10                                         16
VIP 2 – Wolpertinger         Mythical creature                        50-70                                       31

Bar                                              –                                                         70-99

1 – Klafter                                Old Germ. measurement         100-199                                 25
2 – Alb                                       Mountain                                       200-299                                43
3 – Schwemm                        Beer selling place                        300-399                                40
5 – Joseph                               First name of Mr. Pschorr       500-599                                 54
6 – Neuschwanstein           Castle                                               600-699                                41
7 – Ludwig                              German Emperor                        700-799                                 22
8 – Theresia                           First name of Mrs. Hacker      800-899                                 42
9 – Willhelm                          German King                                900-999                                 33


Opening duties   餐厅营业前准备工作

Opening duties restaurant  餐厅营业前准备工作

Opening duties are to be carried out from the waiters in association with the runners. All duties are to be overlooked by the Supervisors and checked after completion.

  • Clean all tables with appropriate chemicals 用合适的清洁剂清理餐桌
  • Check / Brush chairs 检查和擦洗椅子
  • Clean table tops to be placed on tables, along with full and clean cruets, and promotion materials 清洁桌面、清洁调味瓶、并把调料装满、宣传资料
  • Ashtrays to be placed in smoking area only 只在吸烟区放置烟灰缸
  • Prepare and clean service trays 准备和清理托盘
  • Set up workstations with appropriate miseen place (condiments, napkins, ketchup, mustard, pepper mill, oil and vinegar, tooth picks, cruets, saucers, coasters, . . .) 设置工作台放置物品(调味品、餐巾纸、番茄酱、芥末酱、胡椒粉、油、醋、牙签、调味瓶、碟子、杯垫)
  • Prepare your sideboard with clean menus and bill presenters 餐具柜放干净的菜单和账单
  • Dust all displays 清理灰尘
  • Ensure brass “STAMMTISCH” reserved signs are clean. 确保写着“此桌已预订”的铜牌子没有污垢
  • Check the till, switch on, check prices of daily specials 检查抽屉、开关和每日特色菜的价格
  • Polish cutlery and fill up all workstations 擦洗餐具、把餐具放到工作台
  • Ensure that there is enough butter for the day 确保每天都有足够的黄油
  • If necessary date and store fresh products in the fridge 如果需要,将新鲜食材存放在冰柜中,并写上当天日期。
  • Check stock of napkins, sugar etc. and replace if stock is low 检查餐巾纸、糖等的库存、不足时要及时补上
  • Prepare a small container with water and appropriate chemical for cleaning cloths 准备一个有水的小桶、清洁剂以便及时清洗抹布。

General set up – 赫佰世常规店堂摆设

Fully laid table 摆台

A fully laid table at Restaurant Bräuhaus has a table mat in the middle of the table. On it sits the following:

Stone mug with knives, forks and napkins, cruets, ashtray, promotion stand and the reserved sign if the table is booked.



Stone mug with cutlery and napkins 放刀叉和餐巾纸的瓷质马克杯

———————————————– Abb

Promotion stand

or/and menu





Beer coasters


Ashtray         Reserved sign if the

烟灰缸                      table is booked 预定牌

———————————————– Abb

Chefs Special  厨师特色菜

We have a daily and weekly Chefs Special.

In the daily morning briefing the specials will be announced and you will get a description. This will include the ingredients and the way of preparation.

A promotion menu will be handed over to assist the waiters and runner to insert into the promotion stands on the tables.

You will write the daily special on the black board and place it outside the restaurant for passing guest to be seen.

Lunch Special 午餐特色菜

We also have a Daily Lunch Special.

In the daily morning briefing the special will be announced and you will get a description. This will include the ingredients and the way of preparation.

A promotion menu will be handed over which you will put into the promotion stands on the tables.

You will write the daily special on the black board and position it on a prominent place outside the restaurant for passing guests to be seen.

Other promotions 其他促销

After lunch the promotion menus have to be replaced with the relevant promotion according day time and weekday.

There are Afternoon Specials, Cocktail Specials, Happy Hour, Weekend and Family Specials.


Afternoon/Coffee Special  下午茶时光

Days:                                       Mon to Fri
时间                                          周一至周五

Time of the day:                14:00 until 18:00.
时间                                         下午两点到六点

Espresso                               意式浓缩咖啡
Double Espresso               双份意式浓缩
Americano                           美式咖啡
Cappuccino                         卡布奇诺
Latte Macchiato                拿铁玛奇朵
Hot Chocolate                    热巧克力
Tea                                          茶
Black-, green- milk, or herbal tea    红茶、绿茶、奶茶、花草茶

Kids Menu 儿童菜单

Days:                                        every day of the week
时间                                           每天

Time of the day:                  anytime
时间段                                       任何时间段

If our guests are younger than 12 years we offer them our Kids Menu. This menu is an artwork for children on which they can draw and paint. For this purpose we provide crayons for children with their menu.
You as a hostess have to ensure to bring a Kids Menu and crayons with you when ushering a family with children to a table.


Cocktail Menu 鸡尾酒菜单

Days:                                        7 days a week
时间                                            每天

Time of the day:                  after 22:00pm
时间段                                       晚10点后

The cocktail hour starts after the dinner time. During dinner we serve our guests mainly our beer as this is more suitable to our menu items.

After dinner we want to extend our offer with cocktails, especially and understandably – beer cocktails.

These cocktails are created by our barmen. Our company is always open for new ideas, which means, if you have a recipe or suggestions of how to improve or extend our menu, please tell your supervisor.

Log Book  留言本

You will have to write a daily report into the Log Book

This report shall include the number of guest we served at that day. This information comes from the till system.
每日记录应该包括当天服务的客人总数, 你可以从点单系统得知客人数。

Any accidents or special incidents as there are: description of the running of the daily operation, lost items, complaints, sickness, issues with guests, events, etc.

Tips:These should go into a separated petty cash account. This money will be used for team building events in favour of the team.

The report shall be dated and signed by the reporter and the book will be given to the Restaurant Manger on the next morning.

Into a second book – the Beer Book you will have to write down the amount of beer consumed that day. The beer report shall state detailed figures of litres of Lager and Dark and the number of bottles sold in separated columns.