SOP 训练 – 服务员 – 日 四

Day 4    第四天

Environment and menu      熟悉 环境和菜单

On Day 4 you will learn     第四天你会学到

  • Review day 3   复习第三天学习内容
  • Check your work environment    观察工作环境
  • Pay attention to internal standards   留意内部规范
  • Learn everything there is about our menu   学习熟悉菜单中的所有内容
  • Dress Code  着装规范

The menu and its content     菜单及其内容:

  • Our dishes, where the originate from
  • 菜单中的菜肴以及源自哪里
  • Ingredients
  • 原料
  • Ways of preparation
  • 端给客人的准备工作
  • A bit of history
  • 简短的历史介绍

Necessary documents    必要的文档

Files: SOP-HP-Item-DB
文件: 标准操作

Prints: Main menu
印刷品: 菜单

Internal Standards    内部标准

Internal Standards are to be carried out from the hostesses and waiters in association with the runners. All duties are to be overlooked be the Supervisors and checked after completion.

  • Floor, walls, ceilings and woodwork – clean and polished appearance, at all times litter free
  • 地板、墙壁、天花板、木制品——干净擦亮、不能有垃圾灰尘
  • Temperature – comfortable temperature maintained, set a temperature
  • 温度——设定适宜的温度
  • Air conditioning – clean and in working order, vents on the ceiling
  • 空调——保持空调清洁和运作良好、和天花板上的通风口
  • Waiter stations – rubbish bins clean, drawers clean, display shelves clean
  • 服务员点——清洁垃圾桶、抽屉、货架
  • Tables – good condition, not wobbly, clean as per cleaning schedule
  • 餐桌——餐桌必须完好且保持平衡、定期清理
  • Chairs and high chairs – seating is safe to sit on, correct number of chairs, high chairs sanitised after each use, erected securely for each guest
  • 椅子和高脚椅子——保证座位是安全的、椅子数量正确、高脚椅子使用后要消毒、 保证平稳,让顾客觉得安心
  • Menus – clean and in good condition
  • 菜单——干净整洁、保存良好
  • Brass – clean and shiny appearance at all times
  • 餐厅里的黄铜物品——擦拭干净澄亮
  • Mirrors – clean and smear free appearance at all times
  • 镜子——清洁干净、没有污点
  • Pictures and posters – framed pictures in good condition, straight, appropriate publicity material displayed discreetly
  • 宣传图册和海报——带有相框的宣传图片、摆正、
  • Lighting – all light bulbs working, lighting dimmed to the appropriate level, according to the lighting requirements, night-lights or candles in clean holders on tables
  • 灯光——所有的灯光都必须使用、调节灯光的亮度。晚间时,把灯光或蜡烛摆放在餐桌上
  • Music – appropriate music set to the company requirements, sound clear and not distorted, background not foreground volume level
  • 音乐——根据公司要求播放适合的音乐、声音要清晰顺畅、背景音乐音量不要过大。

Dress Code   着装规范

The brand enjoys an international reputation for quality and style, the distinction that our Restaurant Bräuhaus strives to projects in everything it does, including the dress and appearance of employees. All employees are expected to dress in a professional manner avoiding extremes of style and fashion. If you are in any doubt about the standard of the dress code, please consult your line manager.

Uniform Policy   工作服规范

Uniforms must be ironed and clean at all times. Each member of staff is responsible for their own uniform. If your uniform gets dirty during the day, it has to be changed, (inform your manager before going to change). Make sure that you always have a clean uniform in your locker. Your name badge is an essential part of your uniform and must always be worn. The Uniform is company’s property; it will have to be returned at the end of employment.

Men may wear the following   男士着装规范如下:
  • A conservative pair of black trousers   黑色长裤(西裤)
  • A uniform shirt, or white shirt or polo shirt dependent upon department 工作制服(衬衫),或者白色衬衫、马球衫(视工作部门而定)
  • Socks must be black 一定要穿黑色袜子
  • Shoes must be black, professional in style and in good repair 外观职业的、保养很好的黑色鞋子
  • Safety shoes must be worn at all times in back of house areas 在后台区必须一直穿安全鞋
  • Hats, where worn, are to cover the hair completely and are to be worn from the beginning to the end of a shift 厨师帽要全部遮住头发并且上班时间一直戴着,
  • Boots or sports shoes must not be worn不可穿靴子和运动鞋

White traditional Bavarian skirt

Green vest

Black trousers

Black shoes

—————————————————— Abb.

White traditional Bavarian skirt

Leather trousers

Traditional socks

Traditional shoes

—————————————————— Abb.

Woman may wear the following   女士着装规范如下:
  • A tailored skirt or “Dirndl” or work coat, depending on department    和制服配套的定制的裙子、少女装或外套
  • A specific white blouse or a polo shirt as part of the uniform    和制服配套的特定白衬衫或马球衣(有领T恤)
  • Tights must be natural    紧身衣须自然,不易过紧
  • Shoes must be black or navy, professional in style and in good repair    样式职业、保养很好的黑色、海蓝鞋子
  • Safety shoes must be worn at all times in back of house areas    在后台区必须一直穿安全鞋

White “Dirndl” blouse


“Dirndl” apron

Black shoes

—————————————————— Abb.

Boots or sports shoes must not be worn. If any other dress is authorised, men or women at their work areas need to wear the dress as authorised. If a jacket is not worn, shirts and blouses must be pressed and tucked in. If long sleeved shirts and blouses are worn, the sleeves can be rolled up. Short sleeves will be permitted separately.

Remember on first impression – you are as good as you look. Always look professional by maintaining standards set by Restaurant Bräuhaus. Employees must adhere to the standard grooming regulations, which are outlined in this SOP manual

Grooming Standards    仪表规范

Hair  头发

Hair must be clean, well groomed, and neat. Plaits are acceptable on women. In all cases hair should be worn in a professional style and where appropriate should be tied back and away from the face. Hair accessories must be simple in style. Men must be clean-shaven and hair should be cut to a short conservative length and style. Beards and moustaches, if worn, must be kept neatly trimmed. Sideburns, if worn, must be no longer than mid-ear length.

Personal hygiene   个人卫生

Personal hygiene is essential and must be of the highest standard. Nails must be neat and clean. Nail varnish may not be worn within kitchen areas. Cuts and abrasions must be correctly bandaged.

Make up and Jewellery    化妆和首饰

Make up for women should be light and fresh. Jewellery should be discreet and limited to a reasonable amount, a wedding band, a watch and sleeper earrings. Earrings must be worn in the earlobe. Only employees working in low risk areas may wear watches.

Name Badge   姓名卡

The name badge forms an integral part of your dress and must be worn at all times in an easy to read position. All employees must ensure that name badges are kept in good condition.

Personal Locker Policies   更衣箱规定
  • Clean and tidy   每位员工的更衣箱必须保持干净整洁
  • No valuable items   不要把贵重物品放入更衣箱
  • No food or drink   不要把食物或者饮料放入更衣箱
  • No dangerous items   不要把危险物品放入更衣箱
  • Only clothes allowed   只能把工作服放入更衣箱

Our Menu   菜单


Welcome to the Restaurant Bräuhaus China!

We warmly welcome you on a «trip to Europe»! On this trip you will experience typical Bavarian, Austrian and Swiss hospitality which is based on centuries-old traditions and which we directly imported to China.

A visit at Restaurant Bräuhaus is always a gastronomic and cultural experience.

We have a variety of food on offer that includes Munich Originals as well as Bavarian classics, and European titbits accompanied by our chefs’ local and international favourites. Our platters are served on large wooden boards, in lush bowls or big cast iron pans.
我们提供的美食品种繁多,您可以体验到慕尼黑和巴伐利亚地道的原汁原味的美食, 欧洲的美味珍羞,以及由我们厨师精心烹饪的当地和世界美食。我们的美食由大木板、丰富多样的碗碟、和大平底锅盛放。

Our home-brewed Restaurant Bräuhaus beer is always an excellent supplement. If you have any questions about our home-brewed beers please ask our brew master.
赫佰世餐厅现酿啤酒清爽美味。 如果您对于我们的啤酒有任何的疑问,请询问酿酒师。

Whether our guests are dancing till late in the evening or just having a relaxing time with friends – typical Bavarian food is part of the package we want to deliver to our guests – to discover the typical Bavarian way of life.

In depth information about each and every dish you find attached to this manual