• Job Descriptions –Service  岗位描述—服务部
  • Restaurant manager    餐厅经理
  • Supervisor, Maitre d’  主管
  • Waiter, chef de range  服务员
  • Runner   传菜员
  • Cashier   收银员
  • Hostess   迎宾
  • Bar supervisor   吧台主管
  • Barman   吧员


All positions play an active role in the smooth running of the company and are part of the team. This team assist in ensuring the highest standards of products, quality and customer satisfaction, while maximising the Department 所属部门s profit margins in accordance with Hacker-Pschorr standards and policies, and follow all Hacker-Pschorr systems and correct procedures at all times.


Everybody will arrive for work at the correct time, and according to the dress code.


To comply with current personal and food hygiene regulations and be aware of Health and Safety hazards, Fire and Bomb procedures.


The below descriptions are regarded as being highlights of the numerous responsibilities to be carried by the job holder and in no instance should be regarded as being exhaustive. Other duties and responsibilities would be added at times on a permanent or temporary basis as required by circumstances.



Restaurant manager – 餐厅经理

  • Reports To   向上报告: – F&B Manager   向餐厅经理报告
  • Department   所属部门: – F&B   餐饮部
  • Responsibilities all Restaurant Team Members – 管理餐厅所有员工

Requirements   要求:  – Minimum of 5-yr. in high volume operation. Have completed an international recognised apprenticeship, gastronomy school or certifiable training program. Must have strong experience, (international preferred) proven organisational, and excellent supervisory skills in restaurants that employ over a minimum of 30 staff.


Principals   规范

The Restaurant manager will provide support to the team. This will be done by providing accurate and up to date information which will enable the team to operate effectively.


He/she will bring about and maintain effective regular communications with relevant personnel at all levels, both in house and externally.


He/she wills co-ordinate the Restaurant operational activities.


The holder of the position must ensure that all resources are utilised to maximise the performance of the Restaurant.


Basics    基本规范

The Restaurant manager must be flexible and at all times be ready to respond to the needs of the area whilst prioritising and organising operative responsibilities within the role. He/she supervises Staff, and must delegate and set targets for the team to ensure that the Department所属部门 is running smoothly, effectively and productively. Shares responsibility for staff control, customer service and standards and the implementation of up selling. In association with the Line manager to ensure that the standards set by the Company are adhered to. He/she is a member of the Management Team and participates in the decision making process of the Department 所属部门.


He/she has the shared responsibility of all operational aspects of the restaurants’ activities including but not limited to:


  • Grooming  仪表规范
  • Cleanliness  整洁有序
  • “On stage”-appearance  舞台效果/背景
  • Staffing  员工管理
  • Customer satisfaction  顾客是否满意
  • Mystery shopper reports  确保餐厅运营良好,保证神秘顾客的反馈是积极的
  • Customer complaints and commendations  处理顾客抱怨和赞扬

Recruitment and Training   招聘和培训

It is necessary for he/she to liaise with recruitment, training and hr on a regular basis regarding staff issues. He/she will interview all prospective staff members for his/her area. This will take place after recruitment has pre selected suitable candidates.


The restaurant manager must assist in identify the training and development needs of staff in order that both department所属部门 and company targets and standards are met. He/she must co-ordinate training sessions and liaise with the training department所属部门 and/or the trainer according to the operational standards for all members of staff within the company.


He/she is required to work to the standards and those expected by the customers. He/she must ensure that company systems are implemented and adhered to, to ensure that staff is kept informed of any changes within these, and organize any necessary re-training.


Standard Operating Procedures  标准操作规范

To maintain and update. Ensuring that everybody within the restaurant is aware of them and to monitor that all employees are maintaining these standards.


Customer Complaints  顾客抱怨

Customer service must be of an exceptional standard and he/she must work with and train his/her team to ensure that these standards are maintained and that queries and verbal complaints are handled promptly and effectively.

Communication Schedule  沟通安排

Communication is a vital part of the job. A strict discipline within the communication schedule is required to ensure the efficient running of the department所属部门.


Cleanliness and Maintenance  清洁和维护

He/she has a shared responsibility for the restaurants good housekeeping and cleanliness. He/she has to be an active controller for the environment and, in liaison with cleaning staff ensure that the consistently high standards set are maintained in accordance with the company’s image.


Till system  点单系统

Full understanding of the till system to ensure a smooth operational running and assist supervisors, staff and customers.


Rota  轮值表

He/she has to take care of the weekly rota for staff, holiday planning, days in lieu, overtime and absence.


Appraisal  考核

He/she must appraise the relevant Staff. Follow up with a further appraisal within 6 months.



Supervisor, Maitre d’ 主管

  • Reports To  向上报告: – Restaurant Manager, Assistant Manager  向餐厅经理和餐厅副经理报告
  • Departmen  t所属部门: – Restaurants 餐厅部
  • Responsibilities all Restaurant Team Members – 管理餐厅所有员工

Requirements  要求: – Minimum of 2 years experience in hotels or high volume operation. Have completed an international recognised apprenticeship, gastronomy school or certifiable training program. Must have experience, proven organisational, and supervisory skills in restaurants that employ over a minimum of 10 waiting staff.


They have a number of tasks to perform throughout the day. Should arrive punctually on rota days to work, will only be allowed to leave when the restaurant has closed and cash up is completed.


On arrival the supervisor should check to see what daily rota is. Apart from these tasks they will start by straightening the restaurant. Making sure all chairs and tables are in the correct places and that all tables are clean and presentable.


At the opening time all supervisor have to be on duty in the restaurant, ready to begin the service. During the service they will be in control their designated stations. Their tasks would be to overlook the waiters and gives help in any way needed. This will include taking orders, pouring water and wine, clearing and serving any dishes and coffee, and finally paying off any bills, if needed, they will even assist the waiters in re-laying the table, for the next guests.


The supervisor will need to make sure that he/she has the tables set and ready for any reservations. They will then oversee the service. On the completion of the service they will then need to refer back to rota/SOP and complete the closing down procedure.


The supervisor assists the manager in training and overseeing staff’s performance, ensuring the smooth running of restaurant in absence of the manager. They are responsible for the day to day operation as set up in the morning, service, clean up and close down at night, and the functions of the outlet. Further on for the daily breaks and cleaning rotas, wastage control and staff attendance and grooming, discipline, customer care and guest service.


All supervisor have to be present for all briefings, daily and weekly meetings.


Will be responsible in absence of the manager for stock takes and stock control.


Is in co-operation with the manager liable for cash handling procedures and for handling customer complaints. Additional to their obligation they are adhering to all health, safety and hygiene guidelines within the Department所属部门.


Along with the manager they have to take care of the daily and weekly paperwork, the requisitions and to uphold all laws. The supervisor assists the manager in ensuring budgets are met and restaurant profits are maximised.


Maintains a good rapport with relevant Department  所属部门s.


He/she has to take care of the weekly rota for Staff, holiday planning, days in lieu, overtime and absence.



Waiter, Chef de Range  服务员

  • Reports To  向上报告: – Restaurant Manager, Assistant Manager and Supervisor  向餐厅经理、餐厅代班经理、主管报告
  • Department所属部门: – Restaurant  餐厅部
  • Responsibilities all Sections of a Restaurant  负责餐厅某区域

Requirements  要求: – The waiters must possess at least 6 months to one year experience, preferably in a fast moving environment, but not from a self-service aspect. They must have a very competent level of English. They should have a very individual and outgoing personality and be able to put up with high levels of pressure. Some knowledge about food, wines and beers would be helpful.


They should always check the weekly restaurant staff rota to see what their rota time to work is. They should aim to arrive 5 minutes before the start time. On arrival they should check the daily work plan to see which station they have been scheduled to work on and to see which supervisor they have been assigned. They will then need to prepare the station for the service. Along with the runner they will need to: Polish enough glasses to cover the day’s service, clean all the silver ware, which includes large and small forks and knives, cruets, sugar bowls, wine stands and buckets. Prepare enough mise en place for the whole shift to set up the restaurant. Therefore they will use sufficient polished glasses and cutlery, take care of the stock of china, condiments and beverages. Supplementary they will restock the restaurant if necessary during the service. Following the daily cleaning rota and job allocated on the day and adhere to the correct standard of personal appearance and hygiene.

服务员要时间查看每日轮值表,确定自己的上班时间。 每次上班早到五分钟。到达餐厅后立即查看每日工作计划,确定自己的工作内容和督促他们工作的主管。然后到负责区域准备工作。服务员和传菜员一起负责一下工作:准备每天需要的杯子,擦洗干净,擦拭所有的银器,包括不同大小的刀叉、调味瓶、糖罐、放葡萄酒小桌、酒桶。 准备餐厅营业时间每个班次所需的物品。确保餐厅有足够的擦拭干净的杯子和餐具、处理好瓷器餐具、调料品和饮料。必要时,要及时补充这些物品。服务员要按照清洁轮值表和每日工作分配开展工作,保持良好的个人形象和卫生。

At the opening time the waiter should be present on the station. The waiteris totally responsibility to control his station. They will be responsible for taking all the orders with possible help from the supervisor. They will oversee that the correct mise en place is placed in front of the guest, that the food is delivered from the kitchen as quickly as is needed and is served to the correct guest (without having to auction the food around the table).


The waiter has to greet the customers and to ensure a prompt and efficient service for all customers, promote the menu, recommend the daily special, the correct use of the till and cash handling. He/she has to communicate to the chefs all customer requests, to handle customer’s queries, giving information and deal with minor complaints. All complaints have to be reported to the supervisor and/or manager.


They will be responsible for the order taking and along with the runner they will serve all food and drinks. The waiter and runner as a team will then need to clear the table. Then the dessert order should be taken and served. They will then make sure a coffee order and after dinner drinks order is taken and served.


The waiter alone will be responsible for presenting the bill to the guest. They are also responsible for making sure that the correct payment is received. After wishing the guest good bye they will need to set up the table for the next guest.


Serve the dishes following the numeration. The name of every dish needs to be announced when served. Check the ashtray. Refill drinks or ask for another one. Remove empty glasses. . . . (refer to the SOP)


Give the dessert menu to the guest. Take the dessert order and the coffee order at the same time and find out if they want it with the dessert or afterwards.


After the last guest has departed, they will be responsible for setting the tables ready for the following day’s business. The side station will be cleaned with no food or water or dirt left over night. They will also leave enough mise en place ready in the station to start the next day.


Put ashtrays on the tables in the smoking area. Prepare cups, saucers, side plates, and milk jugs on the stations. Check ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise, vinegar, oil and Parmesan on the station. Prepare the trolley where applicable.



Runner  传菜员

Reports To  向上报告: – Restaurant Manager, Assistant Manager, Supervisor and Waiters   向餐厅经理、餐厅副经理、主管和服务员报告

Department  所属部门: – Restaurant  餐厅部

Responsibilities all Sections of a Restaurant  负责餐厅某一区域

Requirements  要求: – The runner should have previous experience in a restaurant, but not from a self-service aspect. They must have a good understanding of the English language. They should have a very individual and outgoing personality and be able to deal with high levels of pressure. Some knowledge about food, wines and beers would be helpful.


The scope and general purpose of a runner is to prepare the restaurant, including all necessary mise en place for service and assist and support waiting staff during service in a professional, efficient and courteous manner.


Main Duties主要职责:

To clean agreed designated areas, in accordance with the SOP, morning/evening routines and hygiene requirements.


To clean and refill cruet and condiment set,sauces and chutneys to ensure consistent supply.


To ensure that flowers and table decorations are fresh and comply with agreed standards.


To set tables to the given standards, ensuring that all items used are clean, undamaged and in a good state of repair.


To ensure sideboards on stations are adequately stocked with replacement cutlery, linen or other established needs, food or equipment.


To serve food and beverages in accordance to the company’s standards, from the kitchen or bar to the relevant station and hand over to the waiter to be served.


To be totally familiar with the composition of all menu items.


To carry food and beverages above all in a professional, courteous manner.


To clear tables and ensure they are cleaned as soon as it is apparent that customers have finished their food or drink with an acceptable balance between speed, yet allowing customers to finish their meal without feeling rushed.


Be aware of and practise good customer relations, assisting the guest in any way which does not negatively affect other customers.

深刻意识到并且和顾客建立良好的关系, 积极主动地去帮助客人,给顾客提供如沐春风、细致入微的服务。

To acknowledge guest complaints and inform your supervisor or manager instantaneously.


To be continually aware of, and maintain, the highest standards of personal hygiene and dress code.


To attend meetings and training courses as required.



Hostess  迎宾

  • Reports To  向上报告: – Restaurant Manager, Assistant Manager and Supervisor  向餐厅经理、餐厅副经理、主管报告
  • Department  所属部门: Restaurant  餐厅部
  • Responsibilities: Meeting and Greeting, Place Customers  迎接客人、指引客人到餐桌

Requirements 要求: – The hostess must possess at least 6 months to one year experience, preferably in a fast moving environment. They must have a very competent level of English. They should have an individual and outgoing personality, and be able to handle high levels of pressure.


Before service准备工作:

Check the menus, if necessary clean them sort out lunch or dinner inserts, change the displays. Clean the high chairs. Take care of decoration, flowers and signage. Check the cleanliness of the tables and chairs before service.

During service服务客人时:

  • Be familiar with all items on the menu (food and beverage), the history of Hacker-Pschorr.
  • 熟悉菜单上的内容(食物和饮料),赫佰世的名牌历史
  • Stand at the door in a correct posture. Greet the guests following standards.
  • 迎宾以得当的仪态站在门口,按规范迎接下一位客人。
  • Be constantly aware of the guest presence and react accordingly to their needs.
  • 时刻关注是否有客人到来、迅速地处理他们的要求

Provide the guests with a friendly, attentive and helpful service  热忱、友好、细心地帮助客人

Welcoming the customers, check their preferences, sit them down, assist with the shopping bags, coats and chairs, give them the menus, suggest the special of the day and wish them to enjoy their meal.



  • Inform your manager of any guest comment immediately and keep a pro-active attitude.
  • 客人的评价要及时反馈给经理、并以积极地态度应对
  • Be confident and efficient with the computer use, the billing, discounts and promotions.
  • 熟练、高效地使用电脑、结账、打折、促销
  • Assist in the delivery of bills and payments if asked.
  • 客人要结帐时,把账单递给客人、并帮助客人结账
  • Answer the phone and take reservations.
  • 接电话并接受预订
  • If possible, support the waiters during service in order to improve the delivery of standards.
  • 必要时,帮助服务员,提高传菜速度
  • Take part in the general duties of the restaurant.
  • 参与到餐厅的日常工作


Cashier  收银员

  • Reports To  向上报告: – Restaurant Manager, Assistant Manager, and Supervisor  向餐厅经理、餐厅副经理、主管报告
  • Department  所属部门: – Restaurant  餐厅部
  • Responsibilities  职责: – Handling Cash and Credit Cards Bills   熟练处理现金、掌握现金和信用卡结账

Requirements: – The cashier must possess at least 6 months to one year experience, preferably in a fast moving environment. They must have a very competent level of English. They should have a very individual and outgoing personality and be able to manage high levels of pressure.


Closing the customers bills according to standards and is responsible for the float and daily takings.



Bar supervisor  吧台主管

  • Reports To  向上报告: – Restaurant Manager, Assistant Manager  向餐厅经理、副经理报告
  • Department  所属部门: – Restaurant, Bar  餐厅部、吧台
  • Responsibilities: Dispense Bar, Beer Maintenance, Beverages Purchase  做好吧台饮料、啤酒维护、购买饮料

Requirements 要求: – The bar supervisor must possess at least 2 years experience, preferably in a fast moving environment. They must have a very competent level of English. They should have a individual and outgoing personality, and be able to handle high levels of pressure. Good knowledge especial about beer and also general knowledge about beverages are essential.


The bar supervisor arrives30 minutes prior to opening with the bar keys which he has collected from the security? With the aid of the barman, they will need to set up the entire bar for the service (see SOP for set up procedure).


Create the par stock level and adopt if necessary.


Bring the stock requisition, taken on the previous evening, for the following day to the office. It is his/her responsibility to make sure the order arrives in the office.


Before the start of the service the bar supervisor needs to ensure that the bar is fully stocked with all wines, spirits, mixers, water, beers, equipment and glasses. If the bar is out of a particular item they will need to inform the whole team what is missing (daily briefing).


He/she has to communicate with the brew master and plan the beer sales and refilling of the tanks.


At opening time the bar supervisor has to be present at the bar ready for the service. During the service the bar supervisor has to overlook all activities within the bar. They also have to pour and serve drinks for waiters and guests, recommend and explain beverages.

餐厅开门,吧台主管要在吧台区域,做好准备。 营业时间,吧台主管要密切关注吧台的工作。同时也要倒饮料并递给服务员和客人,同时向客人推荐和接受。

Before closing they will need to make a stock requisition for the next day. At the end of the shift the bar supervisor will oversee the cleaning of the bar, the beer draught, the coffee machine and all surfaces and equipment used in the bar. Refer to SOP regarding closing procedure.

打烊前,吧台要列出第二天的领货单。晚班快结束时,吧台主管要检查吧台的卫生,如打啤酒设备、咖啡机 、吧台区域其他的台面和设备。参照标准操作流程打烊步骤。

The last duty will be to check if the bar is clean and all doors are locked.


He/she has to take care of the weekly rota for Staff, holiday planning, days in lieu, overtime and absence.



Barman 吧员

  • Reports To 向上报告: – Restaurant Manager, Assistant Manager and all Supervisors  向餐厅经理、副经理、主观、吧台主管报告
  • Department 所属部门: – Restaurant, Bar  餐厅部、吧台
  • Responsibilities: – Dispense Bar, Ordering Drinks, Assist Waiters  做好吧台饮料、点客人的酒水单、递饮料给服务员

Requirements 任职要求: – The barman must possess at least 6 months to one year experience, preferably in a fast moving environment. They must have a good level of English. They should have a individual and outgoing personality, and be able to put up with high levels of pressure. Some knowledge about wines and beers would be helpful.


Collect the beverage order for the day and deliver it to the bar


Mise en place for the day: set up beer draught, stock up beverages, check fridge temperature, open bottles, prepare glasses, slice lemons, stock up coffee utensils, prepare coffee machine etc.


Must be ready at opening time to serve all beverages. Run the daily bar business by pouring beer and drinks, mix cocktails, and all posted drinks you received via remote printer from the till.


Clean the bar at the end of the day, write the orders for the next day close and lock up the bar and put the keys back to the security.?


To ensure the smooth running of the Bar, ensuring adequate stock while adhering to all relevant licensing laws.


To ensure that the Bar is adequately stocked with beverages and subsidiary material necessary for the smooth operation by keep up to the agreed par-stock levels.


To maintain a clean and safe working environment at all times.


To liase with the bar supervisor and constantly review availability of all stock and to advise colleagues and superiors accordingly.


To use appropriate measurement in accordance with company standards for the dispensing of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages and the preparation of cocktails while adhering to all licensing laws.


To ensure the efficient rotation of stock – FIFO -first in first out.


To ensure the safety and cleanliness of all bar equipment.


Any other reasonable task that may be assigned by a supervisor.