F&B Positions FOH

Profiles for positions in the catering industry – FOH

The following profiles describe the general responsibilities for positions in the hospitality industry and are guidelines that facilitate the creation of an Org Chart. These profiles vary from time to time, depending on the type and size of the operation. The profiles are the basis for the creation of detailed job descriptions.

F&B Manager

This staff member is responsible for seeing that the policies of the establishment are carried out and met. The F&B Manager has the overall responsibility for all aspects within the entire Food and Beverage area.

This means that person is responsible:

  • for ensuring that the required profit margins are achieved for each food and beverage service area in each financial period
  • for updating and compiling new wine lists according to availability of stock, current trends and customer needs
  • for compiling in liaison with the chef, menus for various food service areas and for special occasions
  • for the purchasing of all materials, both food and drink, and ensuring that quality in relation to the price paid is maintained
  • for determining portion size in relation to selling price
  • for departmental training and promotions, and the maintenances of highest professional standards
  • for employing and dismissing staff, and for holding regular meetings with section heads to ensure all areas are working effectively, efficiently and are well co-ordinated.

Restaurant Manager, Directeur de Restaurant

This person has overall responsibility for the organisation and administration of particular food and beverage service areas. These may include the lounges, restaurants, cafe, bar and possibly some of the private banqueting suites.

The restaurant manager sets the standards for service and is responsible for any staff training that may have to be carried out on or off the job.

With the assistance of the head waiter he or she may make out duty rotas, holiday lists, and hours on and off duty so that all the service areas run efficiently and smoothly.

Head Waiter, Maître d’hôtel (Maître d’)

The Head Waiter or Maître d’ has overall charge of the staff team in the dining room and is responsible for seeing that all the duties necessary for the pre preparation for service are efficiently carried out and nothing forgotten. The Maître d’ will aid the reception head during the service and possibly take some orders during very busy peak hours. The Maître d’ helps with the compilation of the duty rotas and holidays lists, will relieve the restaurant manager on the day off. This is assuming there is no assistant restaurant manager.

Wine Waiter, Sommelier

The Sommelier is responsible for the service of all alcoholic drinks during the service of meals. This employee must have a thorough knowledge of wines, the best pairing of food and of the licensing laws in respect of the particular area.

He is employed in the rank of a Head Waiter and therefore he has to act in accordance with highest level of customer service. Next to selling, the main points of effort are: purchasing, storage, menu and wine list compilation, tastings of wine and champagne.

Calculation skills are as vital as skills and knowledge about the production and the service of non-alcoholic drinks, beer and spirits for his position.

Supervisor, Chef The Range

The Supervisor or Chef The Range has the overall responsibility for the team of staff and serving a set number of tables, which could be anything form 4-10 in number, from one sideboard. The set of tables under the Supervisor’s control is called a “Station” or “Section”. The Chef The Range must have a good knowledge of food and wine and its correct service and be able to instruct other members of the staff. The Chef The Range will take the order and carry out all the service at the table with the help of the Demi Chef The Range or Commis De Range.

Waiter, Commis De Range

The Waiter or Commis De Range acts by instruction from the Chef The Range. The Commis De Range mainly fetches and carries, may do a little service of either vegetables, sauces, offering rolls, placing plates upon the table and so on, also helping to clear the tables after each course. During the pre-preparation period, some of the cleaning and preparatory tasks may be carried out.

Runner, Commis

He is the assistant to the Waiter. If there is only one clerk at each station, he is primarily responsible for the mise en place for food and drinks in the kitchen and the bar during the service.

And for the clearing of the tables and the sideboards, to keep the station clean and reset tables.


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