How to create Standard Operating Procedures

On the first page insert your company logo as well as your name, address, phone number, and email address. Then, continue to the SOPs. Write down and describe each section.

Table of Contents

Below are samples for possibly required sections of your SOP’s. (but not limited to …) Add or remove topics or sections as needed. I strongly suggest adding page numbers because these docs get long!

Standard Operating Procedures



Give a brief overview on the history of the company and your values. It’s best to start things off on a positive, welcoming note. E.g. Welcome, Vison, Mission Statement.
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Start with an explanation of what SOPs are — how procedures are done in your restaurant and that these are documented and available for reference. Explain that SOPs are not fixed rules that are written in stone and that you are open to suggestions for improving and changing them if there is a better way to work. Explain that there are General SOPs, FOH SOPs, BOH SOPs, and Management SOPs.
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Part 1 – General SOP

Introduce this section by stating that these are the SOPs that apply to every staff member, regardless of their role.

Part 2 – FOH SOP

Continue the same way with all relevant topics for your operation …
Possible Amendments to Standard Operating Procedures

Standard Operating Procedures

Additional attachments – Sample for a recipe card

Recipe Card

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