Business Plan

Start with the “WHY”!

The key to success – A SUCCESSFUL STRATEGY – is to start from the inside out: Start with the vision and end up with the product.

Only when you know “WHY” you are doing what you do, you will succeed. When you know the purpose of your business and you have a vision and believe in what you do you will be able to enthusiastically convey that believe onto both – your employees and your guests and inspire them.



Telling people what you do and that you are better than others and expect some sort of behaviour, or that now everybody will come to your restaurant – is not good enough.

Think, act and communicate from the inside out – start with “WHY“.

Do not define yourself by “WHAT” you do – define yourself by “WHY” you do it and what you do simply serves the tangible proof of what you believe.

That is called AUTHENTICITY. This way you will end up become  a symbol of your values and believes.

And that is the key to success!

And what is exactly the purpose of a Business Plan?

It will prove the feasibility of your concept to business owners, stakeholders, potential investors and leaders with an organized plan for how you will make your vision for your new restaurant a reality and provide them with a clear and engaging answer to the question: “Why does the world need this restaurant?”

The business plan shows them and to yourself that you have thought through every expense and every possible scenario. It provides a complete description of your plan — and why and how it will succeed.

Restaurant business plans outline the progression and development of your restaurant from the concept to several years down the road. Not only does it make your plans clear to potential partners, it gives you a roadmap to follow once things get started.


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