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F&B Consultant

F&B, Restaurant, Brewhouse, Casual Dining, Hotel, Bar, Cafe, Kaffeehaus, Pub and Bistro stands for much more than just cook and serve!

PhiloDex Consult assists gastronomic companies in implementing their goals

We have implemented all the projects we have carried out according to our characteristics of success. Our range of services extends from start-up support, operations management, pre-opening, opening and reengineering to detailed planning of catering establishments.

Your Consultant – Walter Sperger
  • Founder of PhiloDex Consult – Consultant since 2002
  • Certified Management Consultant for the camber of commerce in Vienna and Lower Austria
  • European Small Business Advisor of EBRD (European Bank of Reconstruction and Development)

"Learn Tirelessly – Teach Enthusiastically"


Business Plan

Start with the “WHY”! The key to success – A SUCCESSFUL STRATEGY – is to ...


How to create Standard Operating Procedures On the first page insert your company logo as ...

SWOT Analysis

Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, Threat A SWOT analysis as an instrument of your strategic planning is ...


Wisest is she, she knows what she does not know.

Kitchen Set Up

It is higly advisible to consult an experienced professional Kitchen Planner as your operation depends ...

Menu compilation

The compiling of a menu is one of the most important jobs of a caterer ...

Mise en Place

What does “Mise en place” stand for? It is a French hospitality phrase which means ...

Restaurant Set Up

Everything starts with an empty room. FF&E and SOE stands for “Furniture, Fittings & Equipment” ...

Master Lämpl

It is not helpful to do something for others what hey can do themselves. One has to show them how to develop their own skills

Graphic & Design

In addition to the menu, your printed materials, business cards, flyers and folders that reflect ...

HACCP Concept

Hygiene is a series of practices performed to preserve health. According to the World Health ...


How to we measure our success? With KPI’s – Key Performance Indicators The best way ...

Web Design

Targeted planning and a structured website are essential. From the appealing layout, graphics and texts ...


Employees have incredible potential. The only real task of a trainer or coach is to wake up and support this potential, so that new know how and knowledge can be trained and utilized successfully.

Staff Training

Are your workflows really efficient? How do you make a proper espresso? Is there a difference between sparkling wine and champagne? Is “mise en place” effective? How useful is it to rinse a glass with cold water?

If you have any questions like this, please contact me. I can answer them for you! Contact me

F&B Positions BOH

Profiles for positions in the catering industry – BOH The following profiles describe the general ...

F&B Positions FOH

Profiles for positions in the catering industry – FOH The following profiles describe the general ...

HACCP Training

The importance of Food Safety We all need to eat and drink to stay alive, ...

Staff Management

Build a “TEAM”! Gastronomy is a business made by people who work with people for ...

Staff Training

People have incredible potential. The only real task of a trainer or coach is to ...

Lao Tse


A thousand miles begins with a single step

One talks about it first!!

Edward VII, at the time when he was still The Prince of Wales, was subject to a protest when he was about to swallow the old cognac that had just been served to him:

“Your highness! such a nectar! One must first let the amber blonds play around in the crystal. Then one breathes it gently in, religiously.”

Then at last…  (Edward VII drinks it)
No your highness, not yetone talks about it first!”

Do you know what your are talking about? Any questions to product knowledge? – Contact me

Brown, Gold or Nut?

In the traditionall “Viennese Cafe” you do not just drink “a coffee”! You enjoy a ...

Espresso Variations

The Italian coffee classic, a very small, strong coffee, is called caffè, solo or simply ...

Perfect Espresso

The 5 senses of coffee All 5 senses are involved in appreciating the perfect espresso. ...

Coffee wisdom

In a coffee house sit those people who want to be alone but need company to do so.

Dinner for a fly

This is what happens when a fly lands on your food.

    • Flies cannot eat solid food, so to soften it up they vomit on it.
    • Then they stamp the vomit in until it is liquid, usually stamping in a few germs for good measure.
    • Then when it is good and runny they suck it all back again, probably dropping some excrements at the same time.
And then, when they have finished eating, it is your turn!

Viruses, Bacteria
Food Hygiene

What do you know about HACCP?
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Characteristics of success

Know How

PhiloDex is a management consulting firm with high professional expertise in hospitality and restaurant services.


A strategic alignment, perfect management and good corporate governance ensure sustainable success. The process of business planning is one of the most important components in addition to many relevant areas of business and existing businesses.

Marketing and Sales

Marketing and sales are important elements in every business. Products and services are geared to specific needs of the customer and the prevailing market situation.

Increase performance

Increase your performance does not always means necessarily to search for weaknesses. There is a huge potential in focusing on your strength. Both together are the premises for success.


The operation (the company) undergoes a constant change. To successfully continue to work, you have the opportunity to obtain advice in various areas.

Facts and Figures

For all lines of business are the areas of finance and accounting essential. I will be on hand to help, to give you the best solutions and explanations and to optimize your cost control.

The World of Hospitality
World of Hospitality
Consultant for Gastronomy
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