Staff Training

People have incredible potential. The only real task of a trainer or coach is to wake up and support this potential, so that new know how and knowledge can be trained and utilised successfully.

Implementation of a targeted training
  • Learn everthing there is about necessary or new tools in a class room.
  • Afterwards the theoretical knowledge will be implemented into the daily work environment, errors will be spoted and corrected immediately, repeatedly. Strengths and weaknesses are clearly shown. The new tools can be adapted individually.
  • Clear defined goals are achieved with these new tools and ensure high affinity.
  • Motivation is the engine. Participants will learn: This is not just theory, it really does work, I will remember that! That means the highest motivation by immediate measurements of success (e.g. increase of the turn over through upselling).

Coaching is helping to identify the skills and capabilities that are within the person, and enabling them to use them to the best of their ability – and by that increasing the independence within the individual, and reducing reliance

It is not supposed to be mixed up with:
  • Managing is making sure people do what they know how to do
  • Training is teaching people to do what they don’t know how to do
  • Mentoring is showing people how the people who are really good at doing something do it

„Man hilft den Menschen nicht, wenn man etwas für sie tut, was sie selbst tun könnten“
(Zitat Ende, Abraham Lincoln)

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