Staff Management

Build a “TEAM”!

Gastronomy is a business made by people who work with people for people. What you need is a team – internal and external – that stands together like 1 man / woman.

100% of your guests are people
100% of your employees are people
100% of your suppliers are people

So if you do not understand people, you will not understand gastronomy. Therefore, you need a workforce that is adapted to the operational requirements. And mutual understanding is the key.

The kitchen can destroy the entire service workflow. The service can also cause a complete failure of a kitchen. When they do not have the necessary experience, training and teamwork skills.

As a matter of fact: “The focus was, is and remains on the guest!”

Finding the right people for your restaurant is a major challenge to face after you have found your location, planned the design, and done the decoration and have a menu. I am sure you are well aware that a restaurant is labor intensive.

You should be aware that your team is the backbone of your restaurant and keeps it going. Therefore, you should select your employees with the greatest care and be treated appropriately.

Once your business is making a profit, do not neglect your people. Let your team share in your success as they are a part of it and make them feel valued.

Employee requirements

Here for a restaurant with approx. 380 seats, a kitchen and the necessary departments such as stewarding,  storage, etc. and a bar, live music and VIP rooms.

Tischplan, Stationsplan, Restaurantplan

Each of these departments symbolizes an area in which staff is needed, and it is not necessarily just one employee. You may need more than one person per department, area or section.

All of these are the positions that need to be filled

Management manager
Restaurant – hostess, supervisor, waiter, runner
Bar – barman, bar helper
Kitchen – Chef, Sous Chef, Chefs, Kitchen Helpers
Stewarding – dishwasher, glass washer, pot wash
Cleaning – Permanent cleaning staff, night cleaners
Office – team secretary, accountant, cashier
Storage – warehouse keeper / administrator
Support – security, craftsman, engineer
Band – permanent band, agency
Security guards

The challenge is to find talented people who work as a team – like 1 man / woman.

Team building

What you have to do is build a TEAM. Communication is one of the most important skills, especially in gastronomy – where people work with people for people.

This also includes excellent management. This saves you time and money without any loss of quality. These are the factors on which the performance and thus the competitiveness of a company depend and show whether a restaurant is running successfully.


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