HACCP Training

The importance of Food Safety

We all need to eat and drink to stay alive, so it is important that our food does not harm us in any way. People whose work involves food have special responsibilities for safeguarding the health of consumers. They must ensure that the food they handle does not cause illness, injury or any other problem. There are many laws regulating the production and sale of food.

A HACCP Training session concentrates on the basic principles of good practice that are involved in handling food safely at work.

Train your employees and explain the impact of food safety and the part that food handlers play in it.

Here are some excerpts from the presentation of an employee training course

HACCP Training
To understand food safety, you need to understand bacteria and how they affect our food.

There are types of bacteria that help us grow crops, digest the food we eat, develop new foods, create medicinal drugs, make food including yoghurt, cheese, beer, … . Other types of bacteria make food perish, sometimes called “rotting”, “spoiling” or „going bad“.

And then there are – Pathogenic Bacteria
And these are the types of bacteria that cause illnesses – and we do not want in our food.

HACCP Training

If pathogenic bacteria spend enough time with the right types of food at ambient temperatures, they can quickly multiply in dangerous ways.

HACCP Training

What can we do about it

HACCP Training


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