8 Million

You are so far away,
because I couldn’t stay.
That was my biggest fear.
What the fuck – now it’s clear.
You are there and I am here,
you, I can neither see nor hear.
8 million meter I wish to trot,
right now, at once and on the spot!
8 million meter I would stride for a single touch,
if I wouldn’t have this fucking crutch.
8 million steps I would walk,
just to have with you a talk.
8 million steps in a straight line,
merely to share with you a glass of wine.
It’s so hard to bear,
not to breath the same air,
not to see what you wear,
not to meet you at the stair,
not to sense your flair,
this to change is my major care.
This I swear.
Reverse this condition,
is my one and only mission.

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