In a glow and even upon
sits the desire of thee.
From the source it is grown
in pawn is the key.
Conscious of your need,
beneath and deep down,
to your demand you pay heed,
but in loss you drown.


Since two years, day by day
I am living in the grey.
I life on a ship, it’s more like a ferry.
From one coast where you want to marry,
but back on the opposite shore,
you don’t want me anymore.
So I am sitting in a boat,
over open water I float.
Looking over the | … weiterlesen


Silence. I don’t sleep,
not really, not deep,
Silence wakes me up, not only me
but also the question I have for thee.
While the morning penetrates the night,
sunbeams cast shadows as best they might,
Unbound and in between I sway.
I want to ask you, ask you today .
Flows of words carry away
everyday’s life | … weiterlesen


The night before the accident I walked past that flower shop where I saw the cactus. I stopped looked at it and kept on walking.

Then things were going through my mind.
Its such a small and lovely plant and it’s strong and robust at the same time.
It’s so tiny and fragile as well as tough and can live | … weiterlesen

Sandy beach

You step on it and you feel it first on your sole and than between your toes. It’s warmed up by the sun and the smooth texture covers your feet. With every step you sink in and it’s so pleasant to walk on it’s soft surface.

You need to keep it at a steady pace. Don’t speed up too fast | … weiterlesen