Sandy beach

You step on it and you feel it first on your sole and than between your toes. It’s warmed up by the sun and the smooth texture covers your feet. With every step you sink in and it’s so pleasant to walk on it’s soft surface.

You need to keep it at a steady pace. Don’t speed up too fast or even try to run. Then it will force you to your utmost and you run the risk that all your power will diminish rapidly.

Combined with gusty winds it can hurt you badly. It will reduce you to tears when it gets in your eyes.

If you want to dig a hole jump in it and entrench yourself you ought to be seriously prudent. It can lead to a state where you reach impasse. It can grab you and never let you go. And then you wont be able to escape.

Only too well you shall enjoy it by nestle down and huddle against it. You shall immerse in it, it’s exceedingly cosy and makes you feel most comfy. You feel truly sheltered when being coated all around with it.

It’s like glued on you. You can wipe and rub as much as you want. You can’t get rid of it.

On the contrary, you are also unable to retain it.

Dig in it with your hand deep down and try to grab and hold it. You can’t. As hard as you try. As many attempts as you make. It’s unfeasible. It’s a losing game, unwinnable.

Because it just keeps slipping through your fingers again and again.

Yes, sure, you could shove it in a bucket and put a lid on it. Then, at that state, you won’t be able to enjoy it anymore, locked, cold …

It only gives you pleasure and happiness there where it belongs to. At the right time, at the right place, with the right person!

Being in love with you is like a sandy beach.

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