Silence. I don’t sleep,
not really, not deep,
Silence wakes me up, not only me
but also the question I have for thee.
While the morning penetrates the night,
sunbeams cast shadows as best they might,
Unbound and in between I sway.
I want to ask you, ask you today .
Flows of words carry away
everyday’s life in that I stay.
Your voice slightly quiet I hear,
nothing will ever replace it my dear.
Merely the vibrations of my own voice I miss,
When I am saying the words, the words of bliss.
Diffidently I may plead,
but my word is my bond – indeed!
As my sign of deepest honesty I shall bring
pure words and a golden ring.
Enchanted your eyes may sparkle and blink.
Eventually – in my arms you sink.

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