Four reasons

The world is reigned by four SEASONS.
Four solid ELEMENTS are in the ground.
Equivalent to these and firm are the reasons,
at the bottom of my heart I found.
Reasons for my love after a time so short,
are neither more nor less than four.
They are what drives me to court,
and shall, I am certain, grow to be more.
Flowers and trees blossom at SPRING,
has a soft, tepid warm and pleasant AIR,
same way I flourish when I hear you sing.
Of you, I desire to take care.
Hot and dedicated is the SUMMER,
full of abundance of passion, like FIRE.
Every time we meet hits me like a hammer.
To be with you, I do admire.
It is colourful, and clear the air in AUTUMN,
substantial is it and down to EARTH.
A harmonious concord from top to bottom,
is what we have, to abide – it’s worth.
Quiet and strong is the WINTER, and white,
solid frozen and clear is the WATER.
I will keep you warm, hold you tight,
to hold together – love shall be the cotter.

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