Why …

… it is time to say good bye?
It woke me up, that tremendous cry,
came out of the blue of the sky,
incredible loud, harsh and dry,
whilst above the clouds I fly,
my heart’s still beating high.
Even dough I deny,
I am still in love with thy,
the mystery is why,
your love to me | … weiterlesen


A trench in my heart you plough,
me – out of your life you throw,
tied to the job, I cannot go,
to these conditions – I bow.
Likewise you try to withdraw,
standing on two sides of a window,
inevitable, that we each other saw.
On the glass frosty flowers grow,
a freezing breeze does blow,
and | … weiterlesen

The moon

The moon has set behind the roof,
you may linger safe in your dwell,
while the night remains aloof,
sleep, my love, sleep well!

After the dusk

After the dusk it came the night,
above us the darkness fell,
you will be sheltered by a sprite,
sleep, my love, sleep well!

Four reasons

The world is reigned by four SEASONS.
Four solid ELEMENTS are in the ground.
Equivalent to these and firm are the reasons,
at the bottom of my heart I found.
Reasons for my love after a time so short,
are neither more nor less than four.
They are what drives me to court,
and shall, I am certain, grow | … weiterlesen

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