The journey begins at your head,
think of target, pleasure and threat,
to start – go down from that,
the journey begins at your head.
Now, slowly you drift along the plain,
in the distance a rise does loom,
the elevation is close to attain,
certain to meet your doom.
Approaching the mount, slowly you sneak,
decent in size, steady and modest,
you feel it intense, high up the peak,
shaky, but certain, you strive to the crest.
You climb up the hill, slow in pace,
reach the summit, limp at its height,
softly rotate and circle the place,
it appears the summit is firm and tight.
Descent down into the valley,
and between the hill and its twin,
you follow the field along the alley,
it is flat where the lowlands begin.
It’s surface is soft and smooth,
when touching beneath and deep down,
the ground feels lively and soothe,
gorgeous in shape it is grown.
Pursuing this path so genuine pleasant,
with a rim, round and mellow,
you will find a pit, appears like a crescent,
not deep, but shoal and shallow.
Leave the pit behind,
and you will reach a gentle swell,
after and upon a hollow you find,
dangerous, but tempting to dwell.
You found the place to be,
here sits the desire of thee,
in the deepness lays the key,
for delightfulness and glee.
Utterly conscious of your need,
in a state of glow and pleasure,
you demand the gap to heed,
to enter, to bury the treasure.

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