Why me?

Cloudy and grey is the dawning,
the climate in the office is freezing,
cold the surroundings in the morning,
with it, the past was teasing.
“She” moony in the office sneaks,
with the dimples of thy,
on her smiling cheeks,
which are kind of shy.
You to see in the morning is my peak,
when I catch a glimpse of thee,
it grabs me like a tweak,
that moment you glance at me.
Instantaneously that lifts the blurry,
through this snatch, so breezy,
forgotten are all my worry,
all seems to be simple and easy.
It is like a warm and rainy morning in May,
it clears the sun beyond the night,
washes all the dust away,
so the sun shines clear and bright.
To see you, you gentle little lady,
is a delight and pleasure,
perceive this not as shady,
I think you are a veritable treasure.
I believe to be with thee,
entangled through a hidden band,
would be more than only glee,
more like a shamrock in my hand!
Next to answer your question,
I admit, I find you very appealing!
This is my honest confession,
about me feeling!

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