Number five

It was in China at a time,
in the evening at about 9’.
I left Jinling
to hear you sing,
after a day of frustration,
“Das Schiff” was the destination.
There it turned, the page,
when I saw you an stage,
shiny and bright.
After that night,
everything was alright.
Love at first sight!
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If you don’t know the reason plum,
why did you come,
to Elysium –
we will give you one!
If you’re ill or sick,
a Single Malt would do the trick.
From yesterday you still not sober,
kind of hanging over,
take your time don’t hurry,
have a Virgin Bloody Mary.
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As sure as eggs is eggs

The sun is bright,
dark is the night,
a young pigeon is a dove,
red is the colour of love,
hairless is bald,
ice is cold,
you walk on your feet,
sugar is sweet,
the wind blows,
water flows,
the sky is blue,
sticky is glue,
snow is white,
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3 weeks

Flight was long,
desire strong,
to come, to see,
being with thee.
A poem in mind!
Wrong of a kind!
Nothing on,
3 weeks long,
deeply bored,
thoroughly ignored,
watching a gate,
morning to late.
A chair is my base,
down my face.
The country to see,
not meant to be.
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Four times

She says it was love,
but not once, not twice,
she around me shove,
like throwing a dice.
Broke up with me again.
Switches her feelings on and off.
The third time I was feeling the pain,
once more I was feeling the scoff.
Then a poem she wrote,
dry and lace was my throat.
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