We are apart and yet to attach,
demanding, each other to touch.
If you restless endeavour as much,
it’s anticipated there is hope to clutch.
We are divided and yet so close,
like on a twig, two blossoms of a rose,
to come together – I propose –
with roses, a bunch of flowers I compose.
We are | … weiterlesen


The journey begins at your head,
think of target, pleasure and threat,
to start – go down from that,
the journey begins at your head.
Now, slowly you drift along the plain,
in the distance a rise does loom,
the elevation is close to attain,
certain to meet your doom.
Approaching the mount, slowly you sneak,
decent in | … weiterlesen

Why me?

Cloudy and grey is the dawning,
the climate in the office is freezing,
cold the surroundings in the morning,
with it, the past was teasing.
“She” moony in the office sneaks,
with the dimples of thy,
on her smiling cheeks,
which are kind of shy.
You to see in the morning is my peak,
when I catch a | … weiterlesen

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