8 Million

You are so far away,
because I couldn’t stay.
That was my biggest fear.
What the fuck – now it’s clear.
You are there and I am here,
you, I can neither see nor hear.
8 million meter I wish to trot,
right now, at once and on the spot!
8 million meter I would stride | … weiterlesen

Your Poem

In this world that I’m in
A world that’s full of people full of stipple
A world that sometimes brings bliss and sometimes put you in tears
A world full of life but of course also takes away the light
For every living creature has its end but that doesn’t mean we should bend
Bend to our hearts desire bend | … weiterlesen

It’s over again

Our relation was an illusion,
which led to a lot of confusion.
Were you playing a game?
Therefore on you I would lay the blame.
But now I have come to the insight,
you are not the one, you are not the right,
to be the one on my side,
to be my alleged bride.
It | … weiterlesen

Ruhig mein Herz

Still mein Herz, schweig still,
Sie ist es die uns nicht mehr will.
Gib Ruh‘ mein Herz, gib Ruh
Sie hört uns nicht mehr zu.
Sei leise mein Herz, sei leise
so ist die Liebe, wenn sie auf der Reise.
Nicht so wild mein Herz, nicht so wild
es ist Ihr Schutz, es ist Ihr Schild,
 | … weiterlesen

No one can guess

[Verse 1]

I’ve been in many spheres
I have been searching for a thousand years
Travelling for a thousand miles so fast
My journey ends, is gone and past, I found you at last
No matter who you are, or who am I, it’s true love
catching, perfectly matching
You breathe life in me again
You make my heart beat’n | … weiterlesen

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