Newsletter 2021/01 – EN

The day of the “POST-COVID” reopening will come!

We from PhiloDex know it has been a tough time for all F&B Businesses. The good news is that soon the crisis will come to an end and we can go back to business as usual.

Here’s a quick reminder:

Use the remaining time until the reopening to prepare for a successful continuation of your business and check some details.


Redesign and structrue your menu and boost your sales

Utilize how the human brain perceives the different elements of your menu. In other words, you might want to learn about menu psychology.


Define your SOP’s and reiterate staff trainings

It does not make any sense to take the effort to bring Standard Operating Procedures to paper as long as it gets dusty lying in a drawer. You must spread the word. Now is the time for it!


Update your SWOT Analysis to the new market situation

A SWOT analysis as an instrument of your strategic planning. The analysis provides the actual status of a company and its environment. And that has changed!


Implement COVID measurements and adopt HACCP

The points at which the hazards are assessed are known as Critical Control Points identify not only any possible hazards for food, but also stop the virus on your doorstep.


We are incredibly excited to share with you the good news:
Our F&B Consulting service is still here for you!

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