Perfect Espresso

The 5 senses of coffee

All 5 senses are involved in appreciating the perfect espresso. The components of the espresso are the following.

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    • Prior to roasting coffee beans lack any “coffee” aroma
    • There are over 800 aroma components in a shot of espresso
    • Aroma is a key indicator of freshness
    • Coffee oils that are emulsified in the brewing process form the hallmark espresso crema
    • Crema colour will indicate the type of beans used
    • A well-formed crema will support a spoonful of sugar for 4-5 seconds and reform after breaking

Espresso has a distinctive, thick mouthfeel.


In a fine espresso grind, there are 28,000 particles of coffee to every 7g of beans ground. The ideal dose of ground coffee for a single shot is 7-8g

    • Brewing temperature of 88-92° C
    • Water pressure of 9 Bar/132 psi
    • Measure of single shot = 1-1.2 fl oz
    • Brewing time of app. 18 seconds

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Steps for the perfect espresso

    • In an ideal world, creating the perfect espresso con be split into 12 steps.
    • Unlock the portafilter from the Group (during working hours these should always be locked into position to keep warm)
    • Briefly flush the Group by pressing a brew button
    • Ensure the portafilter is clean by removing any grounds, rinsing with hot water and dry
    • Place the clean, dry portafilter under the grinder dipenser and dose with freshly ground coffee (1 flick of the doser handle for a single shot; 2 flicks for a double)
    • Even out the coffee surface in the portafilter by tapping the sides
    • Tamp the portafiler firmly
    • Tap the sides of the portafilter once more to redisperse the tamped coffee
    • Tamp a secod time with slightly more force – ideally 40psi (gernerally achieved by pushing down firmly with the hand you do not use for writing). As you do this, “twist” the portafilter under the tamp
    • Brush off the tamp to remove any coffee, and also brush the portafilter rim
    • Carefully lock the portafilter into the Group
    • Place the espresso cup under the brew spout(s)
    • Press the appropriate brew button to brew the espresso shot into the cup
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