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» Restaurant SOPs Service

» More clues for creating Restaurant SOPs

Here you will find the continuation of a template for the first steps in creating your SOPs. Here we deal with the agendas for the service. The procedures will certainly have to be adapted according to the type of  the operation. (Restaurant, Cafe, Bar, …)

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Part 2 – FoH SOP Service

Basic Information

Here you can insert general information about your restaurant or a specific branch (if you run several businesses) of your company. Type of business, service and kitchen structure, number of seats, opening hours, …
[Start here]

¦ Refer to your  Table and Station Plans
¦ You may or may not include Menus here

Table Plan

Opening, Closing and Cleaning duties

Attach your opening, closing and cleaning checklist. Write down your procedures for cleaning for all areas of the restaurant and surrounding areas.
[Start Here]

¦ Do not forget to include your Mise en Place guidelines

Workflow Service

List all duties and steps of the workflow for the service in your operation for each outlet and position.

¦ Set your Service Standards

Workflow Service

Reservations, Queuing

Establish your reservation policy, who is responsible for manning the phone and all online reservation systems, what to do if a reservation is missing, and what to do if the entries are incorrect. Give out a queue procedure and designate a waiting area? Do you send guests to the bar? Do you have a call up system?
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Family friendly policy

What is your approach misbehaving and disturbing children? What are your instructions for waiters? How do you deal with stressed parents?
[Start Here]

E. g. use Children’s Menus

Kids Menu

Disabled customer service

Provide a menu with larger font? Inform your staff about areas of the restaurant that’s quieter and better for people with hearing impairment?

[Example] It is estimated that there are roughly 1 in 10 of the population are disabled people. Our company is positive about disabled customers and is concerned to ensure that disabled customers are not prevented from enjoying the high standards of service available to all customers. It is your duty to be sensitive to the requirements of disabled customers and to consider in every situation how you can assist their needs. Always ask your customer to tell you the best way to help.

Consider the following:

  • Alternative access routes for mobility impaired customers
  • The capacity for providing assistance for hearing or sight impaired customers
  • Allocating one member of staff to assist customers who have difficulties in understanding


Explain how your staff should advise guests with allergies. Have all employees been trained on allergens? Make sure you have a list of allergens, and where can I find them on the menu. Do you have recipe cards or lists available to your employees?
[Start Here]


Impolite guests

How do you think your employees shall deal with extremly impolite guests? What are the different levels of rudeness that are permitted before escorting someone out of the door?
[Start Here]


This is a sensitive subject. Explain in detail how your service staff or bartender should prevent a drunk guest from being served with alcoholic beverages. How to deal with a loud guest or with a guest who behaves inappropriately. When and how should such a guest be expelled from the house. Explain that you support the decision of a service employee or bartender when a guest has to be kicked out.
[Start Here]

¦ Refer to your Customer Complaint Procedure

Dealing with a Guest Emergency

Explain what to do if a guest is having a medical emergency. Where is the first aid kit, who does the emergency call, is there a path for ambulance workers to walk through — make sure all of this is crystal-clear.
[Start Here]

Add or remove topics or sections as needed.


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