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Here you will find the continuation of a template for the first steps in creating your SOPs. Here we deal with the agendas for the kitchen.

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Part 3 – BoH SOP Kitchen

Basic Information

Here you can insert general information about your kitchen or departments (for larger kitchens) of your company. Type of kitchen, preparation, storage, stewarding  …
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¦ Refer to your Stations in the kitchen
¦ You can include your Kitchen Plan

KüchenplanOpening, Closing and Cleaning duties

Attach your opening, closing and cleaning checklist. Write down your procedures for cleaning for all areas of the kitchens, storerooms and supporting areas.
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Receiving Deliveries

Describe who is responsible for checking and signing deliveries. Who is responsible for correct storage. How goods are to be taken over. What to do if a delivery arrives during a rush, as well as what gets stored where.
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¦ Refer to your HACCP System


When talking about storage, include basic diagrams of how to organize your refrigeration units, freezers, and dry storage units. Notes on food hygiene, temperatures, cleanliness, FIFO (HACCP).
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Food Handling in kitchens

Clearify which cutting boards should be used for what type of food, which cleaner should be used to sanitize surfaces, and explain that you want your chefs to wash their hands every time after handling raw meat or seafood. Outline how you want your cooks to thaw raw meat or seafood. Outline the recommended amount of time for different frozen foods, and safe temperatures for foods to stand at. Is there a specific sink they should use to defrost? A procedure for cleaning an area after defrosting something in it? (just to mention very few procedures)
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¦ Refer to your Culinary Standards. (Amendment to your SOPs)
including Manual Handling, Pulling, Pushing, Knife Skills, …

¦ Train your staff according to your HACCP Concept

HACCP Training

Kitchen Workflow, Recipes

List all duties and steps of the workflow for the prepartion of all items in your kitchen for each outlet and menu.

¦ Set up Recipe Cards

Recipe Card

Allergy Procedure

Explain the allergens. Every restaurant deals with allergies differently. You should therefore describe exactly how an area must be cleaned before dishes for allergy sufferers can be prepared. Explain the use of clean tools before beginning preparations and what other precautions to take for allergy sufferers.
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Add or remove topics or sections as needed.


To be continued …


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