Restaurant Pre-Opening english

It is a quite substantial task to open a restaurant and you should not underestimate that challange, even thought you have planned everything beforehand and all the paperwork is done and dusted.

Because now you have to bring it all off the ground and up running!

Restaurant Pre Opening

Orientation & Planning

¦ Make a Time Table and set deadlines

  • Meet with key personnal be fully familiar with your concept and expectations
  • Get a copy of Business Plan, Opening date, Concept, Theme, Menu, Service, Manning Guide, Budget, KPIs

The Business Plan contains already:

Market Analysis:
Geographic location of market, Size of potential market, Customers habits, Entertainment, Financial characteristics of market

Successful competitive analysis:
Décor, Size, Theme, Menu (obtain menus), Pricing structure, Hours of operation, Market segments, SWOT

Operations philosophies:
Area description, Seating capacity, Concepts, Type of standard of service, Types of entertainment, Menu planning

  • Have a set of drawings of all areas of operations. Restaurant, Kitchen, …
  • Obtain equipment & supply listing and establish a system for monitoring equipment delivery and installation under supervision of the key personnel
  • Get familiar with designated facilities and waste management (local rules)
  • Survey Professional and Food Organizations and assess value of membership
  • Investigate if Import licenses will be needed and what needs to be done to acquire those
  • Get familiar with local laws, regulations and, if applicable, union agreements
  • Get familiar with Operating Equipment, purchases, uniforms and check for completeness, verify and list delivery dates
  • Establish Reservation system
  • Become familiar with all laws and regulations governing serving of alcoholic beverages
  • Review restaurant layout to determine seating, elevations, service stations and number of works stations
  • Review Standards of Service
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Activities during Pre-Opening
  • Design and order all necessary forms of folios
  • Develop all F&B collaterals, printing and stationery
  • All menus for all areas of your operation (restaurant, bars, MICE, wedding packages …)
  • Business cards for outlets, Executive Chef, Restaurant Manager, etc
  • Internal communication and ordering documents: store requisition, inventory, log book and reservation book, buffet tags, reserved signs, promotion templates, guests checks, table tents (In house promotion)
  • Assess the need for pre-opening assistance (external consultant)
  • Final calculation of potential Food & Beverage Cost
  • Verify F&B costs and menu pricing results and verify with budget
  • Establish market list and store par stocks for F&B according to the offers
  • Ensure and secure all operating equipment and supplies (SOE)
  • Plan alternatives options in case of equipment malfunction or if supplies do not arrive on time
  • Review and approve development of bottle pars for beverage storeroom and storage area
  • Approve initial beverage order to be placed to supplier 3-4 weeks ahead and/or delivery on demand
  • Ensure that all storage areas are complete, clean, labeled and locked
  • Verify that kitchen is complete, clean and ready to go
  • Schedule uniform issue / fitting
  • Supervise distribution and control of operating supplies
  • Co-ordinate menu presentation of all items for review and testing with Head Chef
  • Ensure bars are stocked according to established pars and check equipment
  • Ensure cleaning of the entire Food and Beverage operation
  • Provide information for programming POS machines (tills)
  • Set up Staff Schedules and a Staff Scheduling System according to operation needs and opening and closing hours
  • Setup of restaurant, back of house according to kitchen plans and restaurant design (storage and parstock)

¦ Furthermore, do not forget about the following:


Initiate your Marketing Plan and Promotions, review and establish detailed grand opening budget, Create all your in- house programs, activities, …

Policies & Procedures

Finalize control procedures and systems with Controller, give guidelines for and ensure the develop of procedures for departments, review Policies & Procedures (SOPs, HACCP, Cash Handling, …), …


Establish job descriptions and requirements with HR, follow manning guide, participate in screening applications, interview candidates and select team, secure all employees have necessary certificates and health approvals and work permit, plan performance review according to probation period, …


Establish training plans, Hygiene, Suggestive Selling, Responsible liquor handling, Menu Knowledge, Wines, Cocktail & Spirits, Fire and safety,First Aid, Till System, …

¦ On a personal note – believe me, the time before the opening can become rather stressful. You better be prepared!


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